The 5 Best Air Fryers Under $50 in 2024 (Tested & Reviewed by Experts)

Are you a foodie looking for health-conscious ways to try your favorite food without feeling guilty? Or maybe you’re trying to make healthier eating choices for your family while not compromising the flavor?

If so, look no further than the air fryer.

An Air Fryer is a modern kitchen appliance that is not only a healthy substitute for traditional methods of deep frying but also an incredibly versatile, time-saving, and improved option to prepare a variety of meals with no excessive oil.

However, knowing which would fit your needs and budget can be tough. But you can save time by choosing from our top suggestions for the best air fryer under $50.

1. CHEFMAN 2 Qt Small Air Fryer – Top Pick

Top Pick
CHEFMAN 2 Qt Small Air Fryer

CHEFMAN 2 Qt Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Easy Controls
  • Auto-Shutoff
  • 200-400oF Temperature Range
  • 2 Quarts Capacity
Cook and enjoy eating crispy fried foods without any guilt with the Chefman compact air fryer. With easy controls, a 60m timer, and auto-shutoff, it helps you resolve the dinner dilemma while giving you time to relax.

Being an avid user of air fryers, I was excited to try the Chefman Compact Air Fryer. At first glance, I was impressed by how well it would complement any kitchen’s decor

Besides being incredibly sleek, its lightweight body in plastic makes it a flexible option that is easy to maintain, clean, and move around in the kitchen for a better spot. Also, we find the controls super simple, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

Moving forward to the capacity, the budget air fryer comes with a 2-liter capacity which should be enough for small families containing two-three individuals. We have tried cooking French fries or wings for two people serving, and it was quite impressive.

Remember, since it has a limited capacity, you should not rely on it for heavy-size meals like pizza, fish, etc. It may alter your cooking plans and give you limited choices to try and enjoy.

However, the bright side is its compact size which is a huge selling point of this Chefman air fryer, making it easy to store on countertops of small kitchens.

Furthermore, the temperature range of Chefman is between 200-400oF and features a 60-minute built-in timer. It also comes with a manual temperature control that lets you adjust the temperature according to your preferences.

Again, this is perfect for preparing meals that don’t require much time cooking, including finger fish, vegetables, and chicken.

Moreover, the time and temperature controls are quite easy, available at the top of the air fryer with respective labels to operate and adjust. There is a mechanical dial that automatically reaches zero, giving you more opportunities to keep track of time.

Overall, since it is compact, we find it easy to use, clean, and maintain. You only have to put the meal inside the basket, plug it in, set a preheat timer, and you’re good to go.

For cleaning, the non-stick interior wouldn’t give you a hard time removing the equipment and washing it in a dishwasher.

Hence, if you’re looking to prepare your everyday snacks while saving oil consumption and time, this Chefman compact air fryer is an excellent option to consider. The user-friendly setup and usage make it a convenient choice for small households.

· Easy to use
· Dishwasher cleaning
· Cool touch exterior
· Safe to use
· Non-stick basket
· Limited capacity
· 30-min time control only


Overall, we are impressed with its size, user-friendly controls, and non-stick interior, making it quick to clean at home. So, if you want something budget-friendly, Chefman is your guy.

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2. BELLA 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer

Staff Pick
BELLA 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer

BELLA 2.9QT Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Intuitive Usage
  • Auto-Shutoff
  • 175-400oF Temperature Range
  • 2.6 Quarts Capacity
  • Circular Heat Technology
Get this compact 2.6QT air fryer as a healthy alternative to deep frying and enjoy less fat or calories with preset cooking functions and an automatic shut feature for stress-free cooking.

Next, we have another best-budget air fryer which may be manual but serves the best-fried food while looking stunning in the kitchen. It is also easy to use and maintain and won’t give you a hard time understanding the metrics.

It features a 2.6-liter capacity, slightly higher than Chefman, and is perfect for small to medium-sized families to prepare daily snacks. You can cook food for more than two people in this capacity, which is a plus point.

Also, the small size is perfect for keeping it on the countertops and moving around the kitchen when needed, making it the best air fryer for small spaces. And when not in use, keeping it in a cabinet wouldn’t be a task for you.

Moreover, the Bella air fryer comes with a temperature range of 175-400oF with a 60-minute built-in timer, giving you up to 50% faster preheat choices than a conventional oven.

It also features high-end circular heat technology that utilizes a 1400W heating system for evenly cooked food with a crispy texture layer. You can prepare a variety of foods, including fish, vegs, steaks, and more.

Also, it is not only great for frying, but you can also try roasting and baking a wide range of foods for you to try. The auto-shut feature with an audible tone further helps you manage your time while giving you consistent results.

Besides that, for temperature and timer controls, it is easy to read the dials and adjust them with a mechanical dial as soon as it reaches zero. It may make it the best smallest air fryer with easy cooking and less ingredient consumption.

Additionally, we must mention how easy it is to use and clean. Like the Chefman, you only have to plug it in, put the meal inside the respective basket, and set the timer to start air heating the food.

We also had a satisfying time cleaning the air fryer with our hands or the dishwasher. The non-stick interior wouldn’t give us a hard time cleaning while keeping its quality intact. The basket was quite easy to remove.

On the other hand, compared to Chefman, Bella has a slightly larger capacity with a somewhat lower temperature range to give your food a little more crispiness. However, it doesn’t feature many cooking options compared to Chefman.

· Easy to use
· Temperature controls
· Easy cleaning
· Non-stick pan
· 50% faster preheat
· Non-stick basket
· Bit heavier
· Limited cooking functions


All in all, Bella 2.9QT manual air fryer is a valuable kitchen appliance to have at home with easy controls, healthy meal cooking, and quick cleaning measures.

After thoroughly examining it for quite some time and preparing meals with less fat and calories, we can highly suggest this best air fryer for small spaces if you’re looking for one under a tight budget.

3. DASH Tasti-Crisp 2.6Qt Electric Air Fryer

Cheap Pick
DASH Tasti-Crisp 2.6Qt Electric Air Fryer

DASH Tasti-Crisp Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Up to 400F temperature
  • 2.6QT capacity
  • Perfect for 2-4
  • Easy cooking steps
  • Auto shut-off
  • Touch controller
  • Expansive surface area
This best-rated air fryer can turn the tables for fried foods by prepping with less fat within 30 minutes. The compact design with a cool handler makes cooking easy with children around.

Next on the list is another compact air fryer model from Dash, famous for its energy-efficient appliances at the best possible prices. This electric air fryer is making rounds in the market for its amazing features and small size.

The first stand-out feature of the air fryer is 2.6QT capacity, which may be less for big families, but a perfect household appliance for small families of two to four individuals.

It also has an attractive design that should look fancy on the kitchen countertop. The good news is that the compact design doesn’t make it hard to use or maintain within the house.

The Dash compact air fryer features temperature control of up to 400oF with a 30-minute built-in timer, giving you room to enjoy one bucket of crispy fries, appetizers, baked goods, and even veggies to promote healthy living.

The auto shut-off timer is a valuable addition at this price, with a cool handler to avoid any inconvenience while preparing a wide variety of foods that may require monitoring. You can also keep track of timing with this feature.

When it comes to cooking performance, we can say the best small air fryer excels in that area with rapid air technology that circulates hot air around the food to make a crispy texture layer.

It doesn’t consume much oil when preparing the food, so you can count on it for a healthy meal with less fat and calories if you’re conscious about your eating habits. We cooked some frozen chicken wings during our testing, which came perfectly cooked within 20 minutes.

Surprisingly, the air fryer also did an excellent job with French fries, fish, and veggies and provided an incredibly well-cooked meal with no grease.

However, one basic drawback we noticed was that the non-stick material was not durable. And the small size could be a hassle for large size families. Otherwise, it is a valuable investment for everyday life.

At last, if we compare the Dash air fryer with Bella, it lacks the digital display and preset cooking controls that can compromise your cooking times if you’re a beginner. But it makes up for the loopholes with a relatively affordable price tag.

· AirCrisp technology
· Less oil consumption
· Safer appliance
· Cool touch handler
· 1000 Watts
· Affordable and compact
· Not seem durable


Overall, Dash compact air fryer is a cool option for enjoying everyday snacks for small families. It is easy to use and maintain in small kitchens, and the user-friendly functionality makes it accessible to everyone.

4. Secura XL 5.3 Quart 1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer

Best Overall
Secura XL 5.3 Quart 1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer

Secura 5.3 Qt Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Rapid Circulating Hot Air Technology
  • Up to 400°F Temperature Range
  • Versatile Usages
  • 60-Minute Timer
  • Responsive Control
  • Energy-Saving
Secura is proud to bring you this aesthetic and valuable kitchen appliance that allows you to enjoy your favorite fried foods without the guilt of consuming calories or fats. With intuitive controls and ergonomic design, it helps you enjoy tons of recipes.

Another standing-out air fryer we tested is Secura 5.3Quart, the most affordable and large-capacity air fryer we explored in the market. It should be a practical choice for 4-5 people.

This air fryer is designed to cook various dishes without costing you time and ingredients. With a 5.3-quart basket capacity, it is large enough to hold medium size meals, proving to be a fantastic arsenal.

It also has quite an appealing design in metallic silver and black. The construction also seems durable but large enough to demand a sweet spot on the countertop. Also, it could be bulky to move around.

The easy-to-remove basket also caught our attention which we believe should be easy to clean and assemble. Besides, the 1700W healing element makes sure it heats up quickly and cooks the food with great consistency.

Moreover, for preparing food according to your preferences, it comes with different controls and a 180F to 400F temperature range that lets you enjoy a variety of crispy food, grilling, roasting, or even baking.

The 60-minute timer with auto shut-off feature is another highlighting feature that gives you enough time to cook food without needing you in place for constant monitoring.

This energy-efficient best budget air fryer doesn’t create a mess when cooking and instantly preheats or cooks the food using the adjustable and user-friendly control system.

Cleaning is also not a problem with the Secura air fryer, as the smudge-resistant exterior wouldn’t test your patience after cooking. It is also dishwasher safe with an easily removable basket.

However, we didn’t notice any other potential drawback besides being bulky for its large capacity design. Also, removing the basket can be tricky for you if you’re not used to the appliance.

On the other hand, if we compare the Secura with the last air fryers we tested for under 50 dollars, it has a large capacity that gives you enough room to try different exciting recipes to entertain your families and enjoy guilt-free fried food at home.

· 5.3-Quart fry basket
· Perfect for frying, roasting, grilling
· Convection tech for flavor saving
· Matches electrical standards
· Dishwasher-safe
· Bulky
· Beginners find cleaning difficult


All in all, Secura 5.3-Quart comes with high-quality material and user-friendly design to be your companion in the kitchen. With up to 400°F temperature and a 60-m timer, it is perfect for roasting, grilling, frying, and baking meals.

5. Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL Personal Compact Space-Saving Electric Hot Air Fryer

Mini Pick
Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL Personal Compact Space-Saving Electric Hot Air Fryer

Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 2.1 Quart Capacity
  • Compact Size
  • Non-stick Basket
  • 30-Minutes Timer
  • 180- 400°F Temperature
  • Cost-Effective
The compact and user-friendly Elite air fryer with different cooking preferences, a tempting portable design, and an affordable price tag can help you enjoy juice, tender, crispy, and well-cooked meals. Perfect for one to two people for their everyday cooking.

At last, we have another compact air fryer designed to turn tables for your snacking with its compact profile and easy controls. It reduces electricity use and packs the ability to cook delicious and healthy meals.

The first that caught our attention is its compact design and sturdy build. It is made to last long with constant or even rough usage at home. Also, it should be easy to maintain and store when not in use due to its portability.

Its small cooking capacity makes it a decent choice for small families who frequently crave something crispy when watching movies or playing games and don’t want to waste time standing in the kitchen to fry deep.

Another highlighting feature is adjustable temperature with up to 400°F with a 2.1-Quart capacity that should let you prepare food of 1.5 lbs in one go. The 360° rapid air circulation quickly cooks the food while leaving a layer of crisp juice for extra taste.

The oil consumption is also quite low with the Elite air fryer. 30-minute timer with auto-shutoff helps you get used to its usage and get consistent results with your cooking while allowing you to try different new recipes.

Additionally, to make things further easier for you, the six quick cooking references with adjustable controls make it an ideal kitchen appliance at this price. Also, the non-stick cooking basket ensures the food doesn’t stick to the basket, making it a great choice for steaks, fish, and relative dishes.

This best air fryer for one person is user-friendly when cooking, easy to clean, and safe for the dishwasher. The 100W heating elements don’t waste time heating the air, ensuring well-cooked meals in a set time.

Moreover, comparing it with other air fryers we have tested so far, it is pretty small in size and portable to travel with you for picnics. However, the limited capacity may restrict you from exploring new dishes.

· Digital display
· Easy maintenance
· Preset cooking controls
· 1000W heating elements
· Great for fish, fries, chicken, steak
· Auto shut-off
· Limited capacity


In conclusion, the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL air fryer is one of the best air fryers under $50 with impressive features, a small size, and hot air technology to cook delicious meals without excessive oil.

Best Air Fryer Under $50 Buying Guide

Getting anything for daily use can be overwhelming when you’re a beginner with advanced kitchen appliances.

Therefore, to save you the anxiety of stepping into the market and understanding which product you should get, we’ll shed some light on the important factors you should consider before investing in an air fryer.

Size and Capacity

The first and foremost thing that needs your attention is what size of air fryer you need and how much capacity you’d require to prepare your food in different circumstances.

If you are alone or have a small family of two to three people, an air fryer with 1-2 liters capacity should be enough. It would let you prepare crispy French fried chicken wings, fish, and small pan pizzas.

It wouldn’t consume much energy, and oil consumption would be little to none. And you can get such air fryers easily for under 50 dollars.

However, if you’re planning to cook for a large family, you need to consider big-capacity air fryers, nearly 3-5 liters, with some additional temperature and other cooking controls. And with thorough research for large capacities, it is possible to get the best air fryers under $100.

Remember, the small air fryers are easy to use, maintain, and clean. They don’t require much space to settle in and should be easy to blend on your countertop. But, for larger appliances, you would need a dedicated spot in the kitchen area.


The air fryer’s cooking duration and temperature range are limited by its power. If you want a fast and effective air fryer, you should look for one with a power of at least 1000 watts.

Temperature Controls

Using an air fryer with a temperature control feature, you can cook different dishes at different degrees and achieve the desired results. Think about getting an air fryer that goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Easy Cleaning

If your air fryer has removable parts that aren’t dishwasher safe, you know how difficult it may be to clean. Find an air fryer with a non-stick coating and pieces that can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best air fryer under $50?

Dash Tasti Crisp is the best air fryer under 50. It can heat food from 170 to 400F with a capacity of 2.6QT. A non-stick fry basket, auto shut-off, and other intuitive controls make it a fantastic choice for singles or small families.

Is $50 enough to buy a good Air fryer?

 While you may not get a high-end, feature-rich air fryer in this budget, you can land a decent air fryer that can save time and oil for your everyday snacking. 


In conclusion, with so many models to choose from, finding the best air fryer under $50 can be difficult. But if you consider things like capacity, wattage, and extra features, you can pick the right air fryer that fits your budget and cooking demands.

With the correct air fryer, you can eat tasty, healthy food without feeling guilty about the amount of oil used. Don’t let the difficulty of making a choice prevent you from experiencing the joys of air frying.

Pick carefully, and enjoy your meals!

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