Top 17 Best Air Fryer Brands in 2024

Are you done getting your hands burned or turning the kitchen messy while deep frying the French fries or chicken nuggets- that are not even healthy?

Are you also intrigued by the idea of cooking food with hot air instead of cooking oil?

If so, it’s time to upgrade. Invest in the Air Fryer, a popular kitchen appliance, for being a healthier alternative to deep frying.

Air fryers come in a variety of sizes and designs, but choosing the reliable one significantly depends on the brand reputation.

So, know about the best air fryer brands that are doing beyond extraordinary in the market and can be trusted for their kitchen appliances, especially air fryers. They have a wide variety and vary with the budget range.

Let’s check out.

List of the Best Air Fryer Brands in 2024

Best Air Fryer Brands

1. Chefman

Known for its high-quality and affordable product lines, Chefman is a massive name in the kitchen appliance industry. It is an electronic brand headquartered in Florida, but its popularity has spread to over 100 countries.

Chefman offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances, including toasters, ovens, and air fryers. Consumers also trust their blenders, coffee makers, and other products for the solid construction material and innovative technology they utilize to boost product value.

Committed to providing high quality, Chefman air fryers are pioneers in the industry. They come in diverse sizes and designs to suit different households. Also, they’re rich with features, come with a different non-stick coating to suit individual preferences and the innovative air circulation technology that consumes less to no oil and produces crispy, well-cooked meals in no time.

Chefman air fryers are also versatile and easy to clean, so that they can be a worthy choice for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to traditional frying/cooking.

Here are some of the top-notch Chefman Air Fryers.

  • Chefman Small Air Fryer-2.1 QT
  • Chefman 5 QT Digital Air Fryer
  • Chefman Extra Large Air Fryer-24.5 QT

2. Ninja

Ninja is also a popular air fryer brand for a wide variety of kitchen appliances, including air fryers, foodi grills,  pressure cookers, and more. Since its establishment in 1993 in Connecticut, Ninja never stopped making our life easier, especially when it comes to cooking, grilling, frying, etc.

Ninja gained popularity for its innovation and versatility, and the Nina air fryers are worth a shot as a healthier alternative to traditional cooking. It utilizes rapid hot air circulation for evenly preparing meals, and consuming minor to no oil reduces the fat by 80%.

Besides their availability in different sizes and control panel styles, the air fryer gives complete control over the cooking with safety features, adjustable controls, and various cooking functions.

They are known for their ability to cook quickly, and the safe material coating contributes to the longevity of the product. So, if you want to eliminate traditional time-consuming and hazardous frying methods, invest in Ninja.

Here are some of the top-notch Ninja Air Fryers available.

  • Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer
  • Ninja AF101 Air Fryer
  • Ninja DZ201 Foodi Dual Air Fryer


Specialized in kitchen appliances, Cosori is another popular and trustworthy name in the business with a feature-rich and extensive product line of air fryers.

Cosori air fryers aim to be a healthier alternative to conventional frying methods by utilizing hot air circulation to prepare food with minimal oil. They have several different types available, each with its own capabilities and accessories, to meet any cook’s needs.

Cosori air fryers are known for their sophisticated appearance. They often come in a square or rectangular design, providing more surface area for frying than round air fryers. The control panels are also user-friendly, so from beginners to master chefs, all can effortlessly operate the gadget.

Other highlighting qualities of Cosori air fryers are shake-reminders, keep-warm function, among other cooking functions, and a non-stick basket for dishwasher cleaning. These air fryers’ price range is also reasonable and varies with the capacities and functions.

Here are some of the top-notch Cosori Air Fryers.

  • Cosori small Air Fryer
  • Cosori Air Fryer Pro LE
  • Cosori Pro II Air Fryer

4. Philips

Philips is a well-known and well-established brand in the home appliance industry, and they also offer a popular line of air fryers. They have been at the center of innovation and have earned a firm reputation for producing high-quality, credible consumer products.

By utilizing rapid 360-degree air technology to circulate hot air around the food, Philips air fryers create crispy and tasty meals with minimum oil while yet maintaining a healthy cooking experience.

They have several distinct models available, each with its unique capabilities and specifications to meet the needs of households. Also, many Philips air fryer models feature Fat reduction technology that can be a plus for health-conscious individuals.

Besides pre-programmed cooking functions, digital controls, a wide range of temperatures, and some safety functions, Philips air fryers are known for their premium cooking performance and incredible consistency.

Here are some of the top-notch Philips Air Fryers available.

  • Philips Essential Air Fryer
  • Philips 3-quart Air Fryer

5. Instant Vortex

Instant Vortex is a popular name in home cooking gadgets like air fryers. Their air fryers, which allow people to enjoy fried foods with less oil and more convenience, have become well-known and praised worldwide.

Like any other air fryers, Instant Vortex air fryers are also designed with innovative rapid air circulation technology that powers the heating elements and prepares consistent meals every time.

From its entry-level air fryer starting from under $60 to the luxurious 19 QT air fryer under $240, it has a variety of models to cater to individual needs. Besides, Instant air fryers, despite the model, are relatively easy to manage and maintain, making cooking a breeze by precisely managing the temperature.

If you’re on the hunt for a quick and easy way to prepare healthier versions of your favorite fried dishes, go no further than the Instant Vortex air fryer.

Here are some of the top-notch Instant Air Fryers available.

  • Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer
  • Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer
  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer
  • Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer

6. Bella

When it comes to the top air fryer brands, Bella stands above the competition. The brand has earned a reputation as the leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances by consistently delivering on promises of innovation, reliability, and culinary perfection.

Bella Air Fryers are no exception when it comes to revolutionizing your cooking. It is easier than many other brand models and comes with a wide variety of designs, controls, and basket sizes.

Bella also understands how versatility plays an important role in kitchens and ensures to provide multifunctional capabilities to cater to individual needs. The integrated high-end air circulation technology turns the tables for air frying, roasting, or baking, and precise controls give you more control over your culinary aspirations.

Some of the top models of Bella are:

  • Bella 2.9 QT Manual Air Fryer

7. GoWise

GoWISE USA was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers and businesspeople who desire to develop innovative kitchen gadgets that make cooking simpler and more pleasurable.

GoWISE is a prominent air fryer brand offering an extensive selection of models. Their air fryers are renowned for their speed and uniformity in cooking meals with minimal oil. Thus, they are a healthier alternative to conventional deep fryers.

GoWISE air fryers are available in various sizes, from small personal to large family models. In addition, they have a variety of features, including digital controls, pre-set culinary programs, and dishwasher-safe containers.

All of GoWISE USA’s products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and are backed by a commitment to providing superior customer service.

Some top air fryer models of GoWise are:

  • GoWise GW22638 3.7 QT Programmable Air Fryer
  • GoWise GW22731 5.8 QT Digital Air Fryer
  • GoWise GW22976 1.7 QT Digital Air Fryer


Gluck is a relatively new brand of air fryers that has rapidly garnered popularity due to its low prices and extensive feature set. In recent years, a group of engineers and businesspeople passionate about creating a healthier and more convenient method to cook meals founded the company.

Air fryers from Gluck are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, allowing you to select the ideal model for your requirements. Additionally, the company offers a variety of accessories, including cookbooks, containers, and racks.

Rapid Air Technology is an exclusive method Gluck air fryers use to cook food rapidly and uniformly with minimal oil. This makes them a healthier alternative to traditional deep-frying and a fantastic option for those seeking a convenient cooking method.

The Top GLUCK air fryer models are:

  • GLUCK Air Fryer Oven, 10-in 1 20 QT

9. NuWave

Air fryers from NuWave are a revolutionary new method to cook your favorite fried dishes without using unhealthy oil. Using their patented Rapid Air Technology, NuWave air fryers circulate heated air around food to prepare it evenly and crispy on the outside while keeping the interior juicy and firm.

NuWave air fryers are an excellent option for those who want to consume healthier. They use up to 75% less oil than conventional frying techniques so that you can enjoy fried meals guilt-free.

Nuwave air fryers are also available in different categories, varying in sizes and designs, so anyone with different cooking requirements can hold on to them. Their prices are also relatively reasonable, and the cooking results are prominent to win the hearts of health-conscious individuals.

You can find convenient Nuawave air fryers easily, and the top models we consider are:

  • Nuawave Brio 15.5 QT X-Large Air Fryer
  • Nuawave Brio Air Fryer Oven- 30 QT

10. Ultrean

Ultrean is a company devoted to assisting individuals to live healthier lifestyles. They are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious, delectable meals.

It was founded in the late 20s with an aim to make healthy cooking more accessible to health-conscious individuals, so they can enjoy their favorite fried meals without worrying about consuming oil or fats. Within a few years, because of its high-quality products, Ultrean expanded its product line and provided customers with terrific kitchen appliances.

In addition to being a healthier substitute to traditional frying, Ultrean air fryers are convenient and perfect for beginners. They come in various sizes and designs to fit everyone’s household, and the innovative technology promises to deliver remarkable cooking results.

Some top Ultrean Air Fryers you can consider are:

  • Ultrean AF01 Air Fryer
  • Ultrean AFT08501-UL Air Fryer
  • Ultrean TXG-AFT07501 Air Fryer

11. Dash

Dash stands at the top numbers when it comes to designing and manufacturing good quality kitchen appliances. From its establishment in 2010, Dash has evolved a lot by expanding its product line and retaining their customers with incredible customer service, affordable cooking gadgets, and vibrant or stylish designs.

You can find a variety of kitchen appliances in Dash, including air fryers, coffee makers, blenders, cookers, and more. Dash air fryers are known for their versatility, affordability, and innovative rapid air circulation technology.

Dash air fryers provide a satisfying crunch when cooking a wide variety of meals, whether you air-fry, roast, or grill. The brand has something for everyone to cater to individual needs, so whether you need a compact air fry for camping or want a huge one to feed gatherings, you can count on the Dash air fryers.

Here are some top Dash air fryers we came across with higher customer ratings and reviews.

  • Dash DCAF250GBAQ02 Aircrisp
  • DASH Tasti-Crisp
  • DASH Compact Air Fryer Oven 
  • DASH Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

12. Gourmia

Gourmia is another renowned kitchen appliance brand founded in late 2012 by Heshy Biegelesen. Gourmia’s dedication to providing innovative and high-quality products to enhance the culinary experience has earned the company rapid exposure.

With a wide range of products, Gourmia takes pride in becoming a part of every household with high-quality air fryers built to last and promote convenience in the kitchen. Gourmia air fryers, in addition to being affordable and user-friendly, are a perfect combination of optimal functionality, advanced technology, and elegant style.

Gourmia is a growing company with an obvious bright future. It has gained a great reputation in the market with this innovative product designed to be a healthy alternative to traditional deep frying. Besides, Gourmia comes with different models varying in capacities, features, and budget range, so everyone has something.

Some of the best Gourmia air fryers we have come across are:

  • Gourmia 4-Qt Digital Air Fryer 
  • Gourmia 6-qt Air Fryer
  • Gourmia 9-Quart Dual Air Fryer

13. SenzTtronics

When we talk about Ninja, Philips, and Chefman, the pioneers of kitchen appliances, especially air fryers, it’s hard not to focus on emerging brands that are beyond amazing. Senztronics is one of them, founded in 2017, and has never stopped making customers’ life easier in the kitchen.

We have tried their blenders, coffee makers, and rice cookers, but the Senztronics air fryers are most popular and deal breakers. Their performance is nothing short of extraordinary, with a perfect combination of flavors and textures while not getting hard on the pockets.

If opting for Senztronics air fryers, you should embark on the journey of transforming an ordinary kitchen into a culinary wonderland. Its cutting-edge technology seamlessly merges functionality, innovation, and decent style that every household craves.

Thankfully, like any other growing brand, Senztronics is doing its best in manufacturing air fryers for different households. The best air fryer from the brand are:

  • SenzTronics 4.3 Quart Air Fryer
  • SenzTronics 3-quart Air Fryer

14. Dreo

Dreo is an emerging company that manufactures kitchen gadgets and small appliances. In 2019, a group of enterprising individuals identified an opportunity to provide consumers with a more accessible and inexpensive cooking method, so air fryers emerged.

With the vision of successfully redefining the art of cooking, Dreo has been making noise by creating a symphony of appliances that resonates with the desires of culinary enthusiasts worldwide. Also, at the heart of its impressive product lines, Dreo air fryers gained much popularity for their unparalleled performance and versatility.

The Maestro air fryer from Dreo uses their SymphonyFlow technology to distribute heat evenly, resulting in a perfectly crisp outside and juicy inside. And the best thing is the diversity of sizes and basket capacities so that the wide audience can get their hands on Dreo air fryers.

Here are the top contenders of Dreo air fryers:

  • Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max
  • Dreo Air Fryer 4 Quart
  • Dreo Air Fryer Digital

15. Nutrifryer

Step into the world of Nutrifryer, where culinary imaginations meet reality. It is another growing brand of kitchen appliances making noise in the market for its amazing construction quality and innovative technology in kitchen gadgets.

At the core of Nutrifryer’s captivating product line lies their absolute achievement, the air fryers. Nutrifryer air fryers delicately balances the art of frying, infusing the dishes with delicious flavors while significantly reducing the oil intake.

Nutrifryer uses rapid hot air circulation that evenly distributes the air around or top-down the food so it leaves no room for undercooking. Their air fryers are also user-friendly and versatile, opening doors to endless culinary experiments.

The secret to Nutrifryer’s success doesn’t only depend on innovative technologies, but the unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is their top-tier priority. Here are some products of Nutrifier that stand apart in the market.

  • Nutrifryer 4-Quart Air Fryer
  • Nutrifryer 12.7QT Air Fryer

16. Power XL

Power XL is a brand founded with a vision to redefine the cooking experience and its extensive product line of kitchen appliances, be it multi-cookers, air fryers, blenders, or even grills; it is successfully fulfilling its commitments.

Even founded in the late 20s, its growing popularity is insane. Power XL air fryers set them apart as a culinary reckoning that seamlessly combines versatility, power, and efficiency.

Their air fryers promote a healthy cooking approach while redefining the art of frying, reducing the oil intake, and giving you mouthwatering crispy textures and tenderness. The user-friendly profile of Power XL air fryers lets you create tantalizing meals effortlessly, so you have more time to enjoy life.

The top-notch creation of Power XL is:

  • Power XL Vortex 10 QT Air Fryer

17. Paula Deen

Known for her Southern cooking style, Paula Deen is a known celebrity chef in America. She has always been a helping hand for chefs with an extensive range of cookbooks. A few years back, Pauls decided to launch her own range of cooking appliances and other home goods.

One of her most popular products of Paula Deen is air fryers which are available worldwide under her own name. Air fryers transformed the traditional way of deep frying, but high-end integrated technology and durable constructions of Paula Deen air fryers made them popular among consumers.

The design, color contrasts, and coating material are all thoughtfully designed to match the upgraded trends and convenience of home cooks. But the affordability is what sets them apart among its direct rivals. Also, even though the variety of Paula Deen air fryers is still growing, we still come across the best versions. Here are a few terrific products.

  • Paula Deen 12.6 QT Convection Air Fryer Oven
  • Paula Deen Stainless Steel 10 QT Digital Air Fryer
  • Paula Deen 8.5 QT Large Air Fryer

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