The 7 Best Air Fryers Under $100 (Tested & Reviewed in 2024)

We feel your pain if you’re tired of scrolling through multiple pages to find the right air fryer for your daily needs.

Air fryers definitely revolutionize the way you cook your favorite meals with fewer ingredients, energy, and time. But, finding a suitable budget air fryer can be tricky, considering plenty of great ones in the market.

That’s where this guide comes in. I did thorough research for you and found the best air fryer under $100, so the tight budget won’t let you settle for anything less than great quality and healthy meals.

Let’s check them out.

1. Ninja AF101 4 Quart Air Fryer

Top Pick
Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 4-Quarts Capacity
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Dehydrate, Reheat & Fry
  • Classy Look with a Gloss Finish
  • Advanced Air Circulation Tech
Enjoy crispy fried items with 75% less fat or calories for guilt-free pleasure with the Ninja AF101 air fryer. The 4-quart capacity with programmable controls ensures ease of use and cooking in less time.

To begin with, we have this Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that you can count on for yummy, crispy, and juicy chicken wings or tender breasts for everyday snacking. It is a multi-purpose air fryer that is incredibly easy to use and handle in small households.

If we talk about the capacity, it has a 4-quart storage capacity that should be perfect for small families from 2 persons to four. It lets you cook plenty of food in one batch to cater to the audience while saving time and effort.

Also, I liked the overall design and compact size. The sleek and modern appearance makes it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops and helps clean the gadget.

Another important thing when it comes to kitchen appliances is the ease of use. If you spend time understanding the gadget, you won’t have a good time cooking your meals with it. But the Ninja excels in that part.

As mentioned, the Ninja air fryer is easy to use, with straightforward temperature and timer controls at the front. It features a temperature control range of 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to enjoy crispy and moisture-less food with convection heat.

In addition, the other highlighting feature of the Ninja air fryer is its multiple cooking functions that let you air frying, roast, grill, reheat, and dehydrate the food to enjoy a variety of food in less time consumption.

Speaking of cooking, Ninja has surpassed my expectations with the quality of the food it prepared. The built-in air circulation technology ensures the food comes out crispy and juicy with 75% less fat for health-conscious individuals.

We tried experimenting with different cooking functions with veggies, wings, and French fries, and the food with almost no oil turned out super delicious and healthy.

Furthermore, cleaning was also a breeze, thanks to its small size and ceramic construction. However, you must be careful holding it as the high gloss finish seems too sensitive. Also, it is dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, the only downside we can think of is its bulky size and limited capacity, which may not let you try large-size food items like fish. Also, you must dedicate a space on your kitchen countertop.

• User-friendly
• Crispy food cooking
• Less oil consumption
• Nonstick basket
• Dishwasher safe
• Large size
• Limited capacity


Overall, the Ninja AF101 air fryer is a high-quality kitchen appliance that lets you enjoy guilt-free fried food without consuming excessive oil. With the wide temperature and diverse cooking functions, it is the best deal you can get for your kitchen.

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2. COSORI Pro LE 5-Qt Air Fryer

Staff Pick
COSORI Pro LE 5-Qt Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 5 Quarts capacity
  • Tempered glass panel at the top
  • Good for 1-4 individuals
  • 9 one-touch cooking functions
  • Comes with cookbook
  • High heating efficiency
Elevate your cooking or frying food items with the Cosori 5-quart air fryer that consumes 85% less oil and comes with a cookbook of 30 original recipes. Its customizable cooking functions and dishwasher safe go a long way in the kitchen.

You won’t find the best price on a Cosori air fryer then this. This 5-quart air fryer is ready to extend your cooking entertainment with its ability to prepare quick and easy meals so you can try all your recipes at home.

First and foremost, we liked the large capacity of the air fryer. The 5-quart should be enough to prepare plenty of food items in one batch and can be ideal for a family of four.

We also liked the overall design, with a matte black finish with all the controls at the top panel for convenient access. It also looks visually appealing sitting on a kitchen countertop. So, it doesn’t only prepare delicious meals but also enhances the kitchen outlook.

Besides its sleek design, its sturdy construction also seems durable to use in the household, especially making it accessible and safe to use for children.

Speaking of that, another factor is the ease of use when buying a kitchen appliance. Like the last product we mentioned, Cosori is also easy to use, with customizable controls at the top.

However, compared to Ninja, it is feature-rich with a temperature range of up to 450oF and 85% less oil consumption even when deep frying the food items, ensuring the final cooked meal is healthy enough.

Besides easy temperature and timer controls, the 9 one-touch cooking functions let you try exclusive Reddit best air fryer recipes, help you add personalized shake reminders, preheat, and adjust timers for convenience.

Moreover, the LED display helps with easy reading and functions adjustment, making it simple to use, maintain, and track the time of preparing a variety of meals. We tried chicken wings, chicken breast roasting, veggies, and some other items.

We find the cooking functions incredible enough for beginners. The air circulation technology does everything for you, ensuring the food is evenly cooked and comes out consistently every time you make the food.

In addition, cleaning the Cosori is like a walk in the park. It is dishwasher safe, so you only have to remove the basket and tray, set it on the machine, and clean it for useful cooking.

Ensure it is free from food debris to avoid any sort of annoying noise coming out of it. Also, when reassembling the basket, ensure it fits properly to the place; otherwise, it may make a buzzing or rattling noise.

However, don’t confuse its operation noise with the alarming one because Cosori tends to make loud sounds when in use. And it is its significant drawback we noticed. Other than that, it is far better than the Ninja we tried at this price tag.

• Perfect size for a small family
• User-friendly gadget
• Easy to clean with a dishwasher
• Aesthetic on countertops
• Advanced air circulation tech
• Compact and easy to handle
Makes annoying noise


We highly recommend investing in the Cosori air fryer Pro, which features a 5-quart capacity, aesthetic digital display, multiple cooking functions, and a wide temperature range to try a variety of absolutely guilt-free recipes for under 100 dollars.

3. Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-in-1 4-Quart Air Fryer

Budget Pick
Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-in-1 4-Quart Air Fryer

Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • 4 Quarts Capacity
  • Smart Programs
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • 6-1 Functionality
  • Adv Air Circulation Technology
The Instant Pot Vortex Plus is a game changer with the touch 6-in-one functions that make it a versatile gadget to roast, fry, grill, bake, reheat, and dehydrate food and give you evenly cooked calorie-free meals in no time.

We were new to the Instant Pot Vortex air fryer but weren’t disappointed after using it for a while. We also tried some running fried food recipes, and the results were mouth-watering with the next level of crisp and juicy.

Let’s get deep into the air fryer and start with its capacity. So, it has a 4 quarts capacity which should be enough to entertain small families.

Also, it should be ideal for preparing various foods in quantity to entertain guests and eliminate the need for second batches. Plus, the design and construction quality is relatively appealing for the kitchen countertops.

In addition, the Instant Pot air fryer has a touch LED, making it convenient to navigate the gadget and accessible to everyone in the house. Six cooking presets are easy to manage and allow you to discover new recipes.

The presets include roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, and reheat, letting you enjoy tons of new recipes so you can have the guilt-free pleasure of crispy textured food without stepping out of your home.

We also appreciate the addition of customizable temperature and timer controls that allows you to prepare food to your desired preferences and give you consistent and evenly cooked meal every time.

Another highlighting quality is that the air fryer requires less to no preheating time and gives you frozen to crispy golden meals in minutes. The temperature range of 120 to 400oF provides great versatility when cooking or roasting.

In addition, the air fryer utilizes the same air circulation technology that other modern gadgets use to cook food evenly with less oil consumption, significantly reducing the fat and calorie count in your diet.

Cleaning the fryer was a breeze. Removing the accessories may take effort and care, but the dishwasher-safe air fryer significantly relieves busy individuals. There is also a grip that filters the food grease of debris, so you are always safe from any potential inconvenience.

However, many users find it a little bulky to set on a kitchen countertop. We find it better considering its 4-quart capacity. Also, compared to Corosis and Ninja, it makes impressive meals in less time.

• Versatile gadget
• Budget-friendly
• Enough for two people
• Fast preheating
• Easy cleaning
• Instant Pot app for recipes
Seems bulky


Overall, we highly recommend this if you’re looking for the best grill air fryer combo. This versatile gadget can give you the pleasure of frying, grilling, roasting, etc., with fast preheating and less ingredient consumption.

4. Gourmia 6 QT Large Air Fryer

Best Overall Pick
Gourmia 6 QT Large Air Fryer

Gourmia Air Fryer Oven

Key Features

  • 6 Quarts Capacity
  • 12-1 Digital Presets
  • Modern Design
  • No Flavor Compromise
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Max Temperatures 400oF
The Gourmia 6QT Air fryer is a cutting-edge kitchen gadget that, with less oil, produces deliciously crispy meals. It’s ideal for making larger meals with its larger capacity and adaptable controls.

If you’re obsessed with chicken like me and want to try KFC-like chicken wings or want to discover a new steak recipe, you must get your hands on this big 6-quart air fryer from Gourmia.

It is designed to make life easier for avid home chefs. From ease of use to quick cleaning and subtle controls, it can take your cooking experience to the next level and give taste to your recipes.

This budget-friendly air fryer promises to deliver delicious, crispy, and evenly cooked food with minimal oil so that the hosts can entertain a broad audience with less fat or calories.

 The construction quality is impressive in stainless steel accents. The black color gives it a modern look, and the display at the front makes it flexible enough to use without any expert cooking skills.

When we talk about the most important part, its 6-quart capacity is a game changer at this price. Compared to Cosori, Instant Pot, and Ninja, it is relatively larger, and the XL basket can make plenty of food in one batch.

The cooking functions are also forthright to use. The guided cooking feature deserves an appreciation that removes the presumption of cooking times and temperatures.

Also, we liked the customizable temperature and timer controls that give you full control of your recipes and cooking preferences, making the food exactly how you want it.

In addition, in terms of cooking functions, it features several presets we tried for fries, fish, chicken, and other stuff. We loved the roasted potatoes we wanted with steaks, and the crispy veggies gave us the luxury food vibes.

However, one thing to note is its loud noise when in function. Many users get confused with any fault or uneven placement of baskets or trays, but they tend to make a tradeoff for the delicious juicy food it gives.

• Easy handling or assembling
• Nonstick coating
• Safe for dishwasher
• Touch display
• 1500W power
• Makes unbearable noise
• Little heavy


Overall, we believe the Gourmia 6-QT air fryer is a valuable addition to kitchens with its ability to prepare a wide variety of foods while reducing its fat and not compromising taste.

It may annoy you, but the customizable controls and 400F max temperatures sound like a reasonable tradeoff.

If you’re tired of baking apples or making mini burgers in a traditional, time-consuming way, try Ultrean air fryer, and you’ll be staggered like us. We weren’t expecting this healthy cooked meal from less than the best air fryer under $150, but it was a complete surprise.

5. ULTREAN 5.8 Quart Air Fryer

Size Pick
ULTREAN 5.8 Quart Air Fryer


Key Features

  • 5.8 Quarts Capacity
  • Cool & Modern Look
  • 1700W Rated Power
  • 360o Rapid Air Circulation Tech
  • 10 Built-in Food Presets
  • Safety Guarantee While Cleaning
The ULTREAN 5.8QT Air Fryer cooks nutritious and tasty meals. Its big cooking capacity, flexible temperature control, and 10 preset cooking programs let you cook various dishes fast and easily.

My family is not too large, so the size is ideal for us, and the modern style looks great on the countertop in our kitchen.

The controls for the temperature and the timer are straightforward to use, and the nonstick basket makes cleaning the appliance a breeze.

This air fryer comes with various pre-programmed cooking settings for different types of food, such as chicken, fish, and steak, which is one of its most notable characteristics.

This eliminates trial and error in the kitchen and guarantees delicious meals every time, giving you more room to discover new mouth-watering recipes at home.

In addition, the “Keep Warm” option is a game-changer because it enables me to maintain the temperature of the food until the rest of the dinner is ready to be served.

Compared to some of the other models of air fryers that I have used in the past, the ULTREAN 5.8 Quart Air fryer is noticeably less noisy than the majority of the other versions currently available on the market.

With this air fryer’s built-in digital touch screen, you may enjoy 10 PRESET functions that let you try chicken leg, shrimp, steak, fish, pizza, and cake. Alternatively, the setting can be readily altered to suit your preferences, allowing you to prepare the dish precisely how you would want.

Additionally, it comes with a Fry Basket and Pot that is both nonstick and simple to clean, and the pot includes a sturdy handle guard to prevent spills.

Other highlighting features that make a huge difference our 85% less oil consumption compared to traditional ways of frying foods and a temperature range of up to 400oF that gives evenly cooked food at the right time.

Also, despite being the large capacity air fryer, it doesn’t feel bulky sitting on the kitchen countertop. However, it does require space to settle in.

Overheat protection and auto shut-off was a relief when the kids were around, making the whole cooking process more easy and safe than it sounds.

• Compact design
• Makes crunchy and juicy food
• Overheat protection
• Auto shut-off
• Timer range of up to 30 minutes
• Temperature up to 400o
Plastic construction


In conclusion, look no further if you’re shopping for a steady air fryer on a budget under 100 dollars. It’s a significant improvement over cheaper models, and it comes with a host of helpful functions that make meal preparation a breeze.

6. SenzTronics 4.3 Quart Air Fryer

Compact Pick
SenzTronics 4.3 Quart Air Fryer

SenzTronics Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 4.3 Quarts Capacity
  • No Preheating Required
  • Nonstick Fry Baskets
  • PFOA & BPA Free
  • 1400W Output Power
Get this compact, versatile, and feature-rich air fryer to elevate your cooking experience at home. Roast, bake, grill, or fry items with no preheating and significantly less oil consumption for a healthier lifestyle.

After using the SenzTronics 4.3 Quart Air Fryer for the first time, I can confidently vouch for its efficiency and sleek appearance. When shopping for new kitchen equipment, I prioritize finding one that is functional and fits my aesthetic preferences.

And this air fryer meets my every need. Its compact size is what caught my attention. It doesn’t munch a lot of room on my kitchen top and works perfectly.

The 4.3-quart volume is just right for my apartment-sized family, and the dishwasher-safe nonstick basket is a nice bonus. The digital timer and temperature settings are other useful features.

The air fryer allows me to customize the temperature and time for my specific cooking needs, and it alerts me with a buzzer when it is done. What else do you need when you’re multitasking in the kitchen?

Besides, the timer may be set for up to 30 minutes, and the temperature can go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to prepare fully cooked food items, including meat or veggies like Brocolli.

I also tried mushrooms or baked an apple by customizing the temperature range, which turned out pretty cool. Also, I recommend using it for chicken breast, mini burgers, or some other bakery items if you like.

The recommendation makes me jump to my next examination. It is important to highlight the cooking functions. The SenzTronics air fryer can easily fry, grill, bake, and roast a diversity of food items, making it the best versatile choice in the kitchen.

The nonstick coating on the basket as well as the detachable tray, make cleanup a breeze. After a quick wipe-down with a moist towel, it’s ready to be used again. And since I’m always busy, I like to slide it into the dishwasher.

Another point worth mentioning is its digital LED touch screen that makes navigation easy for everyone. The handler that remains cool saves you burns that you may face with the traditional frying methods.

Additionally, compared to the last product, it may have a small capacity, but the high-temperature range and advanced oil removal tech for healthy food consumption make it a pretty reliable choice.

• 30 minutes timer
• 175 to 400o temperature
• Dishwasher friendly
• Touch screen navigation
• User-friendly
• Doesn’t make noise
• Not for large families
• Beep sound could be annoying


Overall, SenzTronics 4.3 Quart air fryer makes a valuable kitchen appliance when you’re in the mood for quick snacking while not compromising your health. It ensures efficient cooking, easy cleaning, and versatility at a great price.

7. CHEFMAN 5-Quart Digital Air Fryer with Temperature Probe

Chefman 5-Quart Digital Air Fryer

CHEFMAN Digital Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 5 Quarts Capacity
  • Consumes 98% Less Oil
  • Real-Time Updates on Screen
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Adv Air Circulation Tech
  • Integrated Removable Probe thermometer
The Chefman 5-Quart Digital Air Fryer is a cutting-edge kitchen gadget with wide temperature regulation and many useful cooking options. This air fryer is great for small to medium households searching for an economical and effective cooking solution.

Since I have used Chefman before, I knew what I was expecting. But this model blew my mind with exciting cooking functions and a large capacity basket.

When looking to purchase an air fryer, the capacity is one of the factors that is considered to be among the most significant. The Chefman 5-Quart Digital Air Fryer is an excellent option for households as little as two people and as large as five.

A whole chicken and some fish or steak should fit well in this space. However, you may need to cook in many batches if you have a big household.

This air fryer has a contemporary look that won’t clash with the rest of your kitchen, so it’s perfect for a tight spot on the counter. The digital display of the cooking time and temperature is also quite helpful when preparing food items requiring different temperatures.

The temperature control is quite accurate, and the digital readout allows you to adjust the setting to the precise degree you want. It lets you cook the food at up to 450F, which should be enough for meat.

The timer feature is also quite beneficial, as it will automatically switch off the air fryer after the allotted cooking time, proving valuable when you multitask or are busy with other chores.

Moreover, the Chefman 5-Quart Digital Air Fryer is equipped with many cooking functions, such as baking and roasting, in addition to its standard air frying capability.

I also enjoy that it comes with a recipe book, which is helpful for those who are just getting started with air frying and need a place to start gathering ideas.

Nonetheless, the nonstick coating of the Chefman alleviates the usual pain of cleaning an air fryer. The included basket can be removed for easy cleaning, and all pieces are dishwasher-safe for further convenience.

The capacity of the Chefman 5-Quart Digital Air Fryer is somewhat lower when compared to that of the Ultrean 5.8-Quart Air Fryer. On the other hand, it has a more contemporary appearance, and the digital display is simpler to understand.

• Versatile cooking
• Precise temperature controls
• Intuitive display
• Budget-friendly
• Sleek design
• Accurate timer
• Small capacity
• Lack of dehydrating function


Overall, the Chefman 5-quart air fryer stands out with its versatile cooking functions, easy handling, and affordable price tag. It is a great option to consider if you want to explore different recipes with less oil consumption and more cooking functions.

Best Air Fryer Under $100 Buying Guide

An air fryer is a fantastic appliance to add to your kitchen if you are a foodie who enjoys experimenting with new dishes.

Using a reliable air fryer to cook your favorite foods allows you to use much less oil, leading to healthier meals for you and your family.

However, picking the best air fryer among the various models out there might be challenging. Here are some elements to think about before spending less than $100 on an air fryer.


It’s crucial to think about the required capacity of your air fryer before making a purchase. Consider upgrading to a bigger size if you regularly feed a sizable group. A smaller size is adequate for a single person or a couple.


The air fryer’s power rating is important. Time spent cooking may be reduced if the wattage of the appliance is increased. Faster cooking times may be achieved using an air fryer that has more power.

Cooking Presets

Most air fryers are equipped with various pre-programmed cooking settings that simplify the cooking process. The cooking times and temperatures for a variety of items, such as chicken, fish, and even desserts, are already programmed into these presets.

Before purchasing, it is important to consider the settings you will need since some air fryers come with more than others do standard.

Cleaning Convenience

It’s important to think about how simple it is to clean the air fryer you’re considering buying. Choose an air fryer that easily removes the pieces for washing in the dishwasher.

Additional Features

Some air fryer models are equipped with extra functions, such as the ability to bake or dehydrate food. Before purchasing, it is important to consider what extra features you could need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best air fryer under $100?

Cosori 5-quart is the best among many for its exclusive cooking functions, easy cleaning and handling, and 5-quart capacity. With high heating efficiency and other versatile functions, it can make a difference in your cooking style.

Is $100 enough to buy a good Air fryer?

Yes, you can get a reliable air fryer for around $100. High-quality air fryers that can produce tasty and healthful meals with minimum oil may be found within most people’s price ranges, although more costly versions may provide extra capabilities.


When it comes to getting an air fryer, it is vital to consider the aforementioned aspects. If you follow these steps, you can locate, within your budget range and according to your requirements, the finest air fryers that cost less than $100.

There is an air fryer on the market that can accommodate your needs, whether you need to prepare food fast or you have a big family to feed. We hope my detailed review guide helps you find the one that best meets your preferences.

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