Why is My Air Fryer Making Noise? [Reasons & Fixes]

Has Air Fryer become your favorite kitchen appliance for quickly preparing everyday food but noticing some strange noises coming out of it?

Do not panic, not yet.

It’s common for air fryers to make noise, but you should know the reason behind it to determine whether you need to be concerned about it.

There could be many explanations why your Air Fryer makes noise, and it also depends on the intensity of the noise. Well, the good thing is you don’t have to be an appliance expert to figure out what’s happening with your air fryer and resolve the issue before you know it.

Let’s quickly jump to the most common concerns not uncommon with air fryers, regardless of their brands and models.

Why is My Air Fryers Making Loud Noise?

There are a few reasons why your air fryer starts making loud noises when cooking food. The most common are:

1. Fan Issue

air fryer fan issue

The built-in equipment can be the culprit here. A common cause of loud noise is when the fan is damaged or blocked. If it won’t work properly or has a blocked way to work, it starts creating a loud buzz or whirring sound that is annoying and alarming.

Deep cleaning the fan to remove any debris or replacing the fan if damaged can resolve the problem.

2. Overheating

air fryer overheating

Sometimes an air fryer causes loud noises while emitting burning smells. No need to panic because it could be overheating and require cooling down a bit.

The common reason could be a malfunctioning heating element or a problem with other components. Turn off the air fryer immediately and get professional help.

Air Fryers Making Rattling Noise

An appliance making a rattling noise could be harmful and annoying. Stop using the appliance immediately and determine the cause to avoid inconvenience.

Here are the two common reasons for rattling noise from air fryers.

1. Loose Parts

air fryer Loose Parts

The only cause making sense behind the rattling noise from an air fryer is loose parts. Examine all the screws and other parts, tighten them, and get rid of the noise.

2. Cooking Surfaces

air fryer Cooking Surfaces

When using an air fryer, the food or cookware inside the appliance can occasionally be the source of the noise rather than the equipment itself. Check that the food is not touching the sides or the top of the basket, and ensure that the cookware is centered and stable correctly.

Air Fryers Making Buzzing Noise

1. Heating Element

air fryer Heating Element

If your air fryer is making a buzzing sound, it may be because the heating element requires deep cleaning or got damaged. If cleaning the element does not cure the problem, then you may need to replace it.

2. Electricity Issue

air fryer Electricity Issue

Buzzing can also indicate an issue with the electrical system, such as a dysfunctional power cord or outlet. Ensure that all electrical connections are secure, and if the problem persists, try plugging the air fryer into a new outlet.

Air Fryers Making Crackling Noise


Moisture in food

A crackling noise from your air fryer could result from too much moisture in the food. Pockets of steam formed by the moisture might be expelled with a hissing or crackling sound. Try air-frying dry food or adding a layer of parchment paper to soak up liquid to reduce the annoying noise.

Air Fryers Making Popping Noise

1. Food Debris

Food particles, such as bread or crumbs, can generate a popping noise when they come into contact with the heating element or the fan. Maintaining and cleaning the air fryer on a regular basis helps reduce the likelihood of this happening.

2. Preheating

When the air fryer begins the preheating process, you can also hear a popping sound. This is completely natural, and there is no reason to be concerned about it in any way.

Air Fryers Making High-Pitched Noise

1. Fan Speed

It’s possible that the fan in your air fryer is rotating too quickly, causing the high-pitched noise. That is completely natural, and there is no reason to be concerned about it.

2. Cooking Surfaces

In the same way, food or cookware striking the sides or top of the basket can generate rattling sounds and cause high-pitched noises when using it.

Check that the food is positioned to be sturdy and properly centered within the basket and that the cookware is not striking to the sides or the top of the basket.

Is an Air Fryer Supposed to Make a Sound?

Like any other kitchen appliance, it is completely usual for an air fryer to make a sound when used. The built-in fan or other components can cause a whirring or buzzing sound as they work in harmony when circulating heat over the food to cook it.

However, if the sound becomes annoyingly excessive, it could be a sign of any other potential problem that needs to be addressed to continue using it seamlessly.

Air Fryer Noise Comparison Chart

Noise TypesPotential CausesSolution
LoudDamaged or Blocked fan bladesClean or Replace the fan
 OverheatingStop using the airfryer and get help
RattlingLoose partsTighten all screws
 Food hitting the sides and basket topEnsure food and cookware are placed correctly
BuzzingDamaged or dirty heating elementClean or replace the heating elements
 Electrical IssuesCheck electrical connections
CracklingExcess Moisture in foodPat food dry or add a layer of parchment paper
PoppingFood debris hitting the fanRegular Cleaning
 Preheating (normal)No action required
High-PitchedFan spinning at a high speedNormal
 Food or cookware hitting the sidesEnsure everything is placed properly

Bottom Line

It is not uncommon for an air fryer to make noise during operation, but when the noise gets out of control, loud, or popping, know that your air fryer needs your attention.

We have thoroughly examined different air fryers and determined the possible causes of them making certain kinds of noise. Read the resource carefully and act accordingly.

If, in any case, you can’t figure out a way, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

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