Top 10 Best Air Fryers in 2024 (Tested & Reviewed by Experts)

Imagine a small gadget cooking delicious meals without oil.

It can’t be possible, can it?

Well, it is probable with the new kitchen gadget that has taken the cooking world by storm. They are known as Air fryers, and many consumers prefer them as the healthier and more convenient alternative to deep frying or traditional frying methods.

Recently, the air fryer has become a kitchen superhero as it has reinvented how we savor our favorite crispy delights. Using cutting-edge technology, only the air fryer can promise guilt-free indulgence in your favorite meals without compromising the flavor.

Therefore, we are taking you on an exciting journey to find the best air fryer for your kitchen that can promise you succulent chicken wings, crispy salmon, and golden Fries in a matter of time.

So, transform your guilty pleasures into healthy treasures while embracing the convenience of cooking meals at home. Let’s do this!

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1. Chefman TurboTouch 8 QT Air Fryer – Top Pick

Top Pick
Chefman TurboTouch 8 QT Air Fryer

Chefman TurboTouch Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Spacious basket capacity
  • Multiple cooking presets
  • Reduced oil intake
  • Digital controls
  • Extraordinary cooking results

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the right kitchen appliance that ensures convenience, precision, and high-end cooking results is like finding a treasure.

But Chefman TurboTouch, with its impressive set of features and cutting-edge cooking technology, proves to be a game-changer and provides crispy, delicious, and mouthwatering meals that leave you craving more.

Let’s explore the Chefman TurboTouch Air fryer in depth and determine what sets it apart.

Unboxing the Chefman TurboTouch Air Fryer

It was super exciting for our team to unbox the Chefman air fryer as it came well-packed in a Chefman box with all the model details and a picture at the front.

It came with a power cable and user manual, which was everything I needed to get it started. From the first look, it seems solid, and the basket easily came out. So, we’re almost impressed.

Size and Design

Designed to blend in any kitchen décor, Chefman keeps things simple when it comes to appearance. With its two black shades and control panel at the front, it adds some sophistication and probably becomes a statement piece in your kitchen.

The air fryer weighs around 13.4 pounds and measures 12.6″, 13.5″, and 10″. It is relatively more compact than other large models in the market and shouldn’t consume much counter space in the kitchen.


The Chefman TurboTouch has a large capacity of 8 quarts. This generous capacity allows for cooking large portions of food and easily feeding up to 6-7 people.

Whether cooking for yourself or entertaining a small gathering, this 8-quart air fryer provides ample space to roast, bake, air fry, or reheat your culinary creations.


Chefman ensures rapid air circulation around food as it is equipped with advanced Turbotech technology that wouldn’t compromise on the cooking functionality and ensures even cooking results without needing oil.

It enables the powerful combination of heating elements and high-speed air circulation that guarantees perfectly cooked food with crispy outside and tenderness on the inside.

Temperature and Timer Controls

Luckily, the Chefman TurboTouch has an intuitive digital control panel that makes navigation effortless and simplifies the cooking process. The LED display ensures clear visibility and gives you full control of your culinary creation.

It features a temperature range of 200-400F which is enough to prepare a variety of meals, including fish, steak, chicken, vegetables, etc.

Cooking Performance

Chefman delivers remarkable cooking performance and makes reasonable servings for a family of 5 thanks to its precise temperature controls, fast preheating time, and rapid heat distribution.

We had the best experience using the convenient air fryer for chicken wings and roasting some vegetables for the sides, and it came out well-cooked with a stunning texture for presentation.

Additionally, the Chefman air fryer has some dedicated cooking functions that are easy to manage from the control panel, designed to customize the air fryer settings according to your desired recipe and culinary requirements.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, Chefman air fryers are never a disappointment. Since it is an air fryer for a large family, making lots of food and cleaning can be hectic.

But no worries with the Chefman TurboTouch air fryer. Its dishwasher-safe components save time for post-cleaning mess and prevent your gadget from stubborn food residue or debris that can compromise functionality.

• 8-quart basket capacity
• Intuitive digital controls
• Care-free cleaning
• 200-400F temperature range
• Chicken, fries, meat, and fish presets
• 1500W heating elements
• TurboTouch technology
• A bit costly for the functions


The Chefman TurboTouch air fryer is a one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen countertop. Its small footprint, easy maintenance, and advanced technology make cooking easy and take the home chefs on a memorable culinary adventure.

Despite its high price, many consumers find it reliable and durable in the long term. When you get your hands on the Chefman, there’s no going back to the traditional frying method.

2. Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Budget Pick
Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-in-1 4-Quart Air Fryer

Instant Pot 4 QT Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and sturdy body
  • EvenCrisp technology
  • Precise controls
  • Wide temperature range

Instant Pot Vortex Plus air fryer is a culinary dream come true at a budget of under 100 dollars. Its elegant design, small footprint, and versatile functionality open the door to endless cooking possibilities.

It is a perfect addition to a small kitchen and can prepare a wide variety of delicious meals for the serving of up to 3 people. It is not only an air fryer but can do much beyond your expectations to transform your cooking experience at home.

Unboxing the Instant Pot Vortex Plus

As expected, the Instant Pot Vortex Plus came in a well-packed box from the brand with its picture and some highlighting features. Upon unboxing, the air fryer sat patiently with several accessories, including a solid basket, a crisper plate, a cookbook, and a user manual.

It came well-prepared to just plug in, put food items in the basket, and enjoy healthy crispy meals in no time. Besides, the user manual is thorough and contains all the troubleshooting guidelines in case something goes off track.

Size and Design

The air fryer has a sleek design, is made of stainless steel coating, and has a black finish that adds a touch of modern style. It is relatively compact and easy to store on the kitchen countertop but large enough to prepare enough meals for two people.

Though durable, the air fryer is also easy to maintain and clean. It measures 10.2″ x 13.03″ x 11.02″ and weighs around 9 pounds, making it compact for small kitchens.


Surprisingly, despite being compact, the Instant Vortex has a generous capacity of 4 quarts, which should be enough to prepare 1 to 1.5 pounds of French fries and 1.5 dozen chicken wings.

The 4-quart capacity Air fryers are considered perfect for a small family of two people. Small footprints with more enormous basket capacities are nothing short of a surprise when cooking a variety of dishes.


Like all the Instant Vortex air fryers, this model is no exception when it comes to integrating high-end air circulation technology.

It is equipped with EvenCrisp advanced technology that drives airflow top down and around the food item, ensuring the food is well-cooked, leaving no room for errors.

Users also take advantage of the advanced and even air circulation to achieve a perfect golden finish and crispy tender results by simply playing with temperature controls.

Temperature and Timer Controls

Temperature range plays a vital role in precise cooking and optimal cooking results. Different food items or ingredients require different cooking temperatures, so adjusting the temperature should be easy for a seamless cooking experience.

Thankfully, Instant Vortex has a dial knob to adjust the temperature range of 95 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is enough to experiment with different food items and turn your culinary imagination into reality.

The timer can go for up to 60 minutes and prevent the risk of overcooking. The “start” button also makes the control panel easy to navigate. Surprisingly, it has 6-in-1 cooking preset functionality, making it the best multifunctional air fryer in this affordable range.

Cooking Performance

Instant Vortex Plus never disappoints you with its cooking performance. Its precise temperature and timer controls eliminate the chances of error, and 1600W heating elements with advanced air circulation technology deliver premium, well-cooked meals that leave you craving more.

We tried various meals, from classic fried chicken wings at 375F to air-fried Tofu. The powerful heating element results in crispy textures without the use of oil.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Not only is the air fryer versatile and easy to use, but it also makes the post-cooking period enjoyable with smooth cooking requirements. It is an air fryer without Teflon, so that you wouldn’t notice any peeling from inside or outside, and the stainless steel construction encourages cleaning from a damp cloth.

The crisper plate and basket are dishwasher safe, but we recommend soaking them in warm soapy water to get rid of any stubborn food particles and ensure deep cleaning for healthy eating.

• Smart cooking programs
• Stainless steel construction
• Advanced air circulation technology
• 4-quarts capacity basket
• Small footprint
• Convenient and versatile
• Bulky appearance


Instant Vortex Plus, with a 4-quart basket capacity, 6-in-1 cooking functionality, and safe and durable construction material, is the best budget air fryer one could ask for.

It is designed for small families who crave fried food but prefer healthy versions. Its fast preheating, and advanced air circulation system deliver optimal cooking results that perfectly match individuals’ preferences.

3. Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone XL 2-Basket Air Fryer

Dual Basket Pick
Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 Quart DualZone Air Fryer

Ninja DZ401 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 5-quarts two baskets
  • DualZone technology
  • Well-cooked meals
  • Multiple cooking functions

The Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 is more than just an air fryer; it’s a culinary revolution in compact, countertop form. From the Ninja brand, known for its high-quality, innovative kitchen appliances, comes this dual-basket air fryer that takes convenience and versatility to a whole new level.

It is an emblem of modern kitchen efficiency, designed to make meal preparation more accessible and faster.

Unboxing the Ninja DZ401 Foodi

Unboxing the Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 is like opening a treasure chest of culinary possibilities. The air fryer comes with two sizable 5-quart baskets, non-stick crisper plates, cooking charts, and a recipe booklet teeming with creative food ideas.

This abundance of accessories is a testament to the product’s comprehensive nature. The product packaging radiates a premium feel that amplifies the anticipation of cooking a diverse array of meals using this air fryer.

Size and Design

The Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 strikes a delicate balance between size and aesthetics. With dimensions of 13.9″D x 17.1″W x 12.8″H, it’s large enough to handle substantial cooking tasks yet compact enough to sit unobtrusively on your kitchen counter.

Its gray color scheme and sleek design radiate a modern vibe, seamlessly blending with any kitchen decor and standing out as a stylish centerpiece.


One of the distinguishing features of the Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 is its impressive 10-quart capacity. Divided between two 5-quart baskets, it empowers you to cook two dishes simultaneously, making it ideal for large family dinners or get-togethers.

With such a capacity, it offers the ability to effortlessly manage meal prep or cook multi-course meals in one go.


The unbelievable Ninja air fryer employs cutting-edge DualZone Technology, setting it apart from traditional air fryers.

This groundbreaking technology gives you the flexibility to either cook two foods two ways that finish simultaneously using the Smart Finish feature or replicate settings across both baskets for large-capacity meals with the Match Cook feature.

These intelligent features revolutionize how you cook, making multitasking in the kitchen a breeze. Also, understanding the Ninja air fryer settings is not a complex task, you can refer to the user manual and get hold of it in no time.

Temperature and Timer Controls

The Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 offers a vast temperature range from 105°F–450°F, ensuring it’s up for any cooking challenge.

Whether gently reheating pasta or other leftovers or crisping chicken wings, precise temperature control provides optimal results. Additionally, the intuitive timer controls make it easy to keep track of cooking progress, leading to perfectly timed meals every time.

Cooking Performance

When it comes to cooking performance, the Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 excels. It’s incredibly versatile with six cooking functions — Air Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate.

Whether you’re craving a crunchy snack, a perfectly roasted chicken, or a freshly baked cake, this air fryer has you covered. We weren’t surprised to cook the crispy golden fried foods, enabling it to be considered the best for French fries, chicken wings, and salmon.

Its rapid cooking technology prepares meals up to 30% faster than a traditional oven, making it an efficient addition to your kitchen.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Despite its advanced features and large capacity, the Ninja DZ401 dual air fryer does not compromise on easy cleaning. The easy-to-clean baskets and dishwasher-safe crisper plates make post-cooking cleanup straightforward and hassle-free.

Regular cleaning ensures your air fryer stays in top shape and continues to churn out delicious, perfectly cooked meals.

• Multifunctional
• Dual Baskets
• Precise temperature controls
• Advanced air circulation technology
• Easy Cleaning
• Large Size
• Higher Cost


Despite its larger size and higher price point, the Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 is an advanced, versatile air fryer worth considering. Its dual-basket design and time-saving benefits make it an exceptional choice for those regularly cooking for larger groups.

It’s not just an air fryer but a transformative appliance that promises to revolutionize your kitchen experience.

4. Dash Compact 2 Quart Air Fryer Oven

Compact Pick
DASH Compact Air Fryer Oven

Dash Compact Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Compact size
  • Prepares half dozen chicken wings
  • 70% less fat intake
  • Safety functions
  • Mess-free cooking and cleaning

Dash is a growing brand of kitchen appliances that makes noise in the air fryer market for its best quality products and not to mention the most affordable prices.

This Dash compact air fryer oven combo is a small countertop cooking gadget that utilizes hot air to cook delicious meals and save time in the kitchen. The air fryer is perfect for preparing meals in two to three portions, depending on the meals, and a non-stick basket makes the maintenance more seamless than ever.

Let’s explore this incredible small air fryer and discover what the hype is all about.

Unboxing the Dash Compact

Unboxing the Dash air fryer was one of a kind experience. It came in small packaging, and opening it wasn’t a problem.

The well-packed Compact Air fryer came with a user manual, one air fryer basket, and a power cord which we found slightly small and of average quality. But that was all I needed to get started with it.

Size and Design

The Dash air fryer is relatively smaller than we imagined and is designed with a sleek and elegant body, perfect for small kitchen countertops. The air fryer measures 10.2 by 8.1 by 11.4 inches with a total weight of 5.70 lbs, making it a portable home cooking gadget.

The best thing is the device is crafted with unique quality materials that contribute to its longevity and give it a modern look overall, making a kitchen statement while treating you to delicious meals.

Also, its availability in different colors is attractive, and the top and front dialer interface gives it a sophisticated old touch.


The Dash compact air fryer has a capacity of 2-quarts that can hold up to 2 pounds of potatoes and half a dozen chicken wings. It is an ideal size for single servings or a small family of two people.


Unsurprisingly, the Dash air fryer is equipped with advanced AirCrisp technology that helps to make crispy and mouth watering meals with 70% less fat than traditional frying methods.

It distributes even heat around and tops down the food item that perfectly cooks the meal to its doneness while utilizing 1700W heating elements and a compelling fan.

Temperature and Timer Controls

Like any other top-class air fryer, Dash also features temperature and timer controls, but unlike the Philips compact air fryer; it has a dialer at the top that manages the temperature.

The precise temperature and timer controls made cooking effortless, and the automatic shut-off function gave you complete control over the recipes and your cooking style.

Cooking Performance

The Dash compact air fryer truly shines when it comes to cooking performance. Using the AirCrisp technology, fast preheating time, and precise temperature controls, this cooking gadget has delivered optimal cooking results with zero oil intake.

We tested the air fryer by cooking a wide variety of food items, including potatoes, chicken wings, salmon, and some vegetables, and everything was perfectly cooked.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Thankfully, Dash is easy to clean with its detachable parts and non-stick outside, conveniently wiped down using a damp cloth. However, you must hand wash the basket as it is not dishwasher-safe. Conversely, you must check or confirm with the usual manual for the updated models or their baskets.

It is made to last long, so with proper and casual upkeep, it will be your long-term kitchen companion, giving you more room to experiment with your culinary imagination.

• Stress-free maintenance
• Adjustable temperatures
• Auto shut-off
• AirCrisp technology
• Versatile
• Great for picky eaters
• Affordable
• Limited capacity
• Basket is not dishwasher safe


Overall, Dash is one of the incredible and powerful compact air fryers designed for individuals and small families who are busy or looking for an alternative frying method for healthy and crispy meals.

5. Kalorik 26 Qt Digital Air Fryer Oven

Best Overall Pick
Kalorik 26 Qt Toaster Oven & Air Fryer Combo

Kalorik MAXX Digital Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Massive 26QT capacity
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • French door design
  • 1700W power
  • Intuitive controls with LED

Let’s shine on the Kalorik 26 QT air fryer, designed to transform your cooking adventures with its spacious capacity, cutting-edge technology, and appealing features.

It’s been gaining popularity for its solid profile and optimal cooking results. Let’s explore it in depth and find what can best set it apart.

Unboxing the Kalorik 26 QT Air Fryer Oven

Upon first glance, the Kalorik MAXX Digital Air Fryer Oven makes a striking impression with its sleek stainless steel design. The package includes nine diverse accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. 

Each accessory, from the air frying basket to the steak tray, rotisserie spit, and forks, is designed to maximize your cooking possibilities and transform this appliance into an authentic multifunctional air fryer.

Size and Design

This sturdy appliance measures 15.75″D x 12.5″W x 14″H. The modern design has functional glass French doors with a single-hand opening system for safety and cleanliness.


It’s spacious enough as an air fryer for a family of 6 or more, boasting a 26-quart capacity perfect for large gatherings. 

Whether roasting a 14-pound turkey, baking a 12-inch pizza, or making nine slices of toast, the multiple rack levels allow the simultaneous cooking of different foods, simplifying meal preparation.


The Turbo MAXX technology is the secret behind this impressive appliance. With 1700 watts of power, the Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven prepares hearty, homemade meals in record time. 

It comes with 21 smart presets, making this appliance an accessible choice whether you’re a novice or a seasoned home cook. This feature reinforces its standing as a multifunctional air fryer.

Temperature and Timer Controls

The user-friendly LED display and intuitive digital controls take the guesswork out of cooking.

 The appliance can reach up to 500°F, allowing you to achieve a perfectly seared steak, further demonstrating its capabilities as an excellent air fryer for steak.

Besides, the timer control is also a valuable addition and gives you peace of mind when hosting a gathering by automatically turning off and preventing the meals from overcooking or burning.

Cooking Performance

The MAXX delivers exceptional cooking performance. It can cook fries up to 22% faster, steak up to 37% faster, and chicken up to 27% faster than traditional ovens.

This accelerated cooking time, and energy conservation benefits make this a worthy kitchen addition.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance is made easy thanks to the included crumb tray and the easy-clean design of the other accessories. This ensures that you spend less time cleaning and more time relishing your perfectly cooked meals.

• Multifunctionality
• Efficient Cooking
• Spacious
• 21 Cooking presets
• Easy to clean and maintain
• User-friendly
• Bulky
• A bit pricey


The Kalorik MAXX Digital Air Fryer Oven is an all-in-one cooking solution with versatility, efficiency, and user-friendly design. It’s an ideal air fryer for a family of 6 and a top-notch air fryer for steak lovers. 

Despite its size and the initial learning curve, its multifunctionality, performance, and energy savings benefits make it a worthy investment for any kitchen. Overall, it’s an exceptional multifunctional air fryer that simplifies meal preparation while delivering delicious, well-cooked results.

6. Oster 10-in-1 French Door Air Fryer Oven

Editor’s Pick
Oster 10-in-1 Countertop French Doors Air Fryer Oven

Oster Air Fryer Oven

Key Features

  • Innovative functionality
  • Non-toxic construction material
  • Multiple rack positions
  • Prepares ample food
  • 175F-400F temperature
  • Top-notch cooking performance

The Oster air fryer oven is the top choice of consumers when it comes to easily preparing a significant portion of healthy and delicious meals. Its innovative features and massive yet sleek design excel the cooking experience and open new dimensions to experience the cooking styles.

Let’s get into the details of the Oster, one of the finest air fryers with French doors and dig deep into it to find some interesting news.

Unboxing the Oster Air Fryer Oven

The Oster air fryer oven came in a wall-packed sturdy cardboard box. The box was printed with images and various features. It also included many items separately packed to avoid inconvenience.

Oster came as a full cooking package with an air fry rack, broil rack, baking pan, crumb tray, power cord, and a user manual. It came well-prepared to unpack and use.

Size and Design

The Oster air fryer is big. It will consume a lot of kitchen countertop space, so be prepared for that. Its French door design is aesthetically pleasing and makes cooking easier, especially the large size of food items like whole chicken, turkey, large fish cuts, pizzas, cakes, and more.

The fryer is made of stainless steel, giving it a modern look, and it shines throughout if appropriately maintained.


Oster, the massive and multifunctional air fryer, has a capacity of 22 quarts which is surprisingly big to fit whole chickens, large pizzas, and other main items to feed significant people with one cooking batch.

The air fryer has 3-rack positions that can easily align and accommodate a variety of food items to prepare ample food. We tested the air fryer with two large pizzas, and the results exceeded our expectations.

For baking, the Oster can facilitate a baking pan of 15″ by 12″, which is also big enough, and you can guess how much it can cook at one time.


The Oster Air Fryer Oven has a cooking system called RapidCrisp. The RapidCrisp system uniformly cooks the food by circulating hot air around it, making it crispier than ever before.

Also, 40% faster preheat reduces overall cooking time and saves 50% less energy, making it the best French door energy-efficient air fryer.

Temperature and Timer Controls

Oster air fryer and oven combo have intuitive digital controls with a microwave style. All the controls are available at the side for easy adjustment.

The air fryer may be set anywhere between 175 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a built-in timer that can be set for up to 12 hours.

When it comes to smart controls, the built-in 10 cooking presets are worth mentioning. Use the airfryer function to crisp up a wide range of foods, the slow cooker to prepare your go-to dinners, the dehydrator to make nutritious snacks, or any other 7 cooking modes to prepare wonderful meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Cooking Performance

The Oster Air Fryer Oven provides high-quality cooking performance, opening up a world of new culinary possibilities. This multifunctional device may be used for a wide variety of cooking methods, including air frying, baking, toasting, and broiling.

The Oster Air Fryer Oven never fails to satisfy you, whether you’re in the mood for freshly fried chicken wings, fluffy pastries, or toasted sandwiches.

The French door design allows for convenient access, and the racks can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of dish sizes and shapes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s simple to cleanse the Oster Air Fryer Oven after use. The non-stick interior and detachable crumb tray make cleanup a stress-free chore, saving you time and effort.

As an added bonus, the air fry basket and baking pan attachments may be cleaned in the dishwasher. So, what else do you need?

• Elegant French door design
• Three rack positions
• XL cooking capacity
• Makes two large pizzas and a turkey
• Advanced cooking technology
• 10 cooking functions
• 12-hour timer
• Requires ample space
• On a pricey side


If you want to take your culinary to the next level, go no further than the Oster Air Fryer Oven.

This air fryer oven is a need for any home cook because of its stylish appearance, large capacity, cutting-edge technology, accurate temperature and timing settings, outstanding cooking performance, and simple upkeep requirements. 

7. Ninja FT102C0 Foodi 9-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

Pizza Pick
Ninja FT102CO Foodi 9-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

Ninja FT102CO Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Modern design
  • Big enough capacity
  • Wide-open windows
  • 9-in-1 cooking functions
  • Accessible controls
  • 60-minute timer
  • Excellent cooking results

Uncover the culinary possibilities the Ninja FT102CO Foodi 9-in-1 Digital Air Fry Oven has to offer. This inventive culinary appliance combines the features of an air fryer, toaster oven, and more, making it an indispensable and versatile addition to any kitchen.

Join me as we discover what this incredible 9-in-1 air fryer under 200 can do in the kitchen and make the cooking experience enjoyable.

Unboxing the Ninja FT102C0

Like all the high-end brands, Ninja never disappoints with the shipment and packaging protocol. The FT102CO Foodi Digital Air Fry was well-packed with all the necessary tools to simplify the cooking process or cut additional expenses.

Whether you buy any air fryer under 50 dollars or 300 dollars, Ninja ensures to send the instructions manual, power cord, and other necessary documentation that you might need to understand the gadget, especially if you’re a novice with kitchen appliances.

Size and Design

The Ninja FT102CO Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven has a streamlined and modern layout that complements any kitchen’s aesthetic. Unlike traditional air fryer shapes or look, its oven-like design contributes to its large capacity.

Its footprint measures 7.56″ D by 19.72″ W by 14.96″ H, which we believe is quite bulky and space-consuming, so it’s better to dedicate a space for it.

But on the upside, it gives a spacious capacity to host large food items or make relatively large food portions to feed gatherings or medium-sized families.


Its spacious capacity is the highlighting factor, making it a star product on our list. The 4-pound capacity is great for families or anyone who loves to cook. Besides, considering the portion size, it prepares without errors making it a perfect air fryer for a family of four.

With a wide-open window, it is easy to put food items inside and take them out after cooking. If you find yourself grilling more often or love experimenting with steaks, this is definitely an ideal air fryer for chicken.


The Ninja FT102CO Foodi 9-in-1 prepares cuisine using RapidCrisp technology. The technology powers an integrated convection fan to prepare food evenly by circulating heated air around it, resulting in crispy results.

This innovative technology reduces cooking time while confirming that your food is cooked to precision, with a golden outer and a tender interior, which is quite an incredible outcome from the air fryer under 150 dollars.

Temperature and Timer Controls

Digital temperature and timer controls allow for precise cookery with the Ninja FT102CO. The accessible control interface allows you to modify the cooking temperature from 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for countless dishes.

On the brighter side, the 60-minute timer allows you to multitask while your foodstuff is cooking to perfection. Once the timer reaches zero, the oven automatically turns off, ensuring security and averting overcooking.

Cooking Performance

The Ninja FT102CO Digital Air Fryer provides superior culinary performance across diverse functions. This multifunctional appliance can do it all, from air frying and barbecuing to baking and dehydrating.

The 9-in-1 flexibility opens up a world of culinary likelihoods, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of recipes and cookery methods. We also had a chance to test its capabilities, and we found it the perfect air fryer for fish and chicken.

The fast preheating time and 60% faster cooking than traditional methods can help you indulge in your favorite meals guilt-free while lowering the fat or calorie intake for healthy living. It is actually a win-win for health-conscious individuals.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Air Fry makes cooking and cleanup effortless. The crumb tray and the inside, both of which are made of non-stick materials, may be removed and cleaned with a wet cloth or in the dishwasher.

• Stainless steel construction
• Faster cooking time
• 4 pounds capacity
• 1800W heating elements
• Advanced air circulation technology
• Save space with a flip
• Frequent cleaning required


If you’re looking for a high-capacity, multifunctional air fryer that reliably delivers delectable, crisp results, go no further than the Ninja FT102CO Foodi 9-in-1 Digital Air Fryer.

8. Ultrean 8-Quart Digital Air Fryer

Staff Pick
Ultrean TXG-AFT07501 8 Quart Air Fryer

Ultrean Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Sleek and space-saving design
  • Innovative air circulation technology
  • Energy-efficient
  • Healthy cooking outcomes
  • Digital controls
  • Versatile gadget

Experience the joy of healthy and convenient cooking with the appealing Ultrean air fryer with an 8-quart capacity. It is designed to revolutionize the cooking experience while proving to be a deadly combination of versatility, efficiency, and optimal results.

We’ll explore the Ultrean in-depth and explore how it can facilitate home cooks and make a difference in their culinary creations.

Unboxing the Ultrean 8-Quart Digital Air Fryer

We were impressed by the quality of the air fryer as soon as we had it in our hands. It is sturdy and well-made, and its appearance screams to transform the cooking style we have had for years.

The package includes a power cord, a recipe cookbook, a user manual, and a dishwasher-safe basket. Everything was well-packed, including an air fryer, so we didn’t waste our time and started examining its capabilities.

Size and Design

The Ultrean air fryer is designed to integrate with kitchen décor. Hence it has a sleek yet modern look with a touch control panel and double-tone construction.

The gray color adds a touch of elegance, and stainless steel accents assure durability for the long term.

When it comes to size, the air fryer measures 13.35″ x 15.75″ x 13.58″, which is typical for the 8-quart air fryer. But you need to dedicate a spot on the kitchen countertop to avoid any inconvenience. Don’t forget to ensure proper ventilation to avoid mishaps like the air fryer turning on/off by itself due to overheating.


The Ultrean Air Fryer’s large 8-quart capacity makes it ideal for cooking for large families or hosting gatherings more often. It is an ideal gadget to maximize your culinary experience and make your cooking time more efficient than traditional methods.

It is a large enough capacity to prepare ample food for serving 6-8 people. You can easily cook a variety of food items in this air fryer, including chicken, pizza, large batches of French fries, chicken wings, cupcakes, and more.


The Ultrean Air Fryer’s innovative rapid air technology guarantees fast and uniform cooking every time. The RapidCrisp technology works by circulating hot air around the meal, which results in the food being cooked evenly and producing crispy outcomes.

A powerful 1700W heating element and hot air circulation work together to brown and crisp the surface of the food while keeping the interior juicy and soft.

This cutting-edge equipment allows for healthy cooking without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Temperature and Timer Controls

With the Ultrean 8 Quart Air Fryer, you can set the temperature and duration of cooking to your exact liking.

The easy-to-read digital screen lets you set the oven temperature anywhere between 180 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit to have your food cooked to perfection every time.

And the timer control prevents overcooking and the risk of burning, allowing you to set the cooking time for up to 60 minutes.

However, the digital control panel seems sensitive and prone to stick debris that can make the controls unresponsive. So, it is better to closely monitor its maintenance and follow the deep cleaning protocol when the Air fryer’s touch screen won’t work.

Cooking Performance

The Ultrean air fryer delivers exceptional cooking results that we have experienced from the expensive, feature-rich, highly powered air fryers.

Cooking in a variety of ways, from air frying and roasting to baking and grilling, is a breeze with this multifunctional equipment.

The large frying basket allows consistent heat transfer, guaranteeing crunchy, tasty results every time. You may easily customize the cooking experience to your tastes by adjusting the temperature and selecting from several different cooking programs.

Whether you want to reheat the pasta or grill a whole chicken in this air fryer, it will be up to your expectations and leave you craving more.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Ultrean 8 Quart Air Fryer is simple to clean and maintain because of its well-thought-out layout. The frying basket and detachable pieces are non-stick and dishwasher safe, so cleaning up afterwards is effortless.

It has a sleek exterior that should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Still, if you want to deep clean the air fryer, especially the heating elements, you must be careful and follow the principles of cleaning the heating elements properly.

In any case, you don’t want to put water into an air fryer to clean it; only the detachable parts are supposed to clean this way.

• 360-degree rapid air fry technology
• 180F to 400F temperature range
• 8-quart big capacity
• 8 cooking presets
• Safety functions
• Safe and mess-free cooking
• Excellent cooking results
• Sensitive control panel
• The included cord is short


This is it if you are looking for a cost-effective multifunctional air fryer. This massive, versatile, and feature-rich air fryer can turn the tables for cooking and deliver outstanding results whether you prepare meat, vegetables, small turkey, or more. It is enough to prepare food to feed 4-6 people, making it a great investment for busy families.

9. Nuwave 30 QT Bravo Air Fryer Oven

Extra Large Pick
Nuwave 30 QT Bravo Air Fryer Oven

Nuwave Bravo Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Stain resistant construction
  • 30QTs enormous capacity
  • Best  for Whole chicken or Turkey
  • Constant temperature monitoring
  • 5F temperature increments
  • Seamless cleaning

If you’re looking for an extra large air fryer to feed your large family, this innovative kitchen appliance with massive capacity can deliver the results as per your preference.

Nuwave Vro combines the power of convection cooking, air frying, and more to deliver outstanding culinary results. Cooking in this large air fryer oven was a treat to ourselves, and we can’t wait to share our experience with you.

Unboxing the Nuwave Bravo Air Fryer Oven

Unboxing the Nuwave air fryer oven gave us a prime feeling. Everything came in perfect condition and on time, and opening the huge package was super seamless, which was against our expectations.

The massive delivery came with an incredible Nuwave air fryer, multiple racks and basket trays, and a user manual to get it started. The manual has thorough instructions to get it started or reset the Nuwave air fryer in case of any inconvenience.

Size and Design

The NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Oven has a modern look that won’t seem out of place in any kitchen. Its massive size instantly captures the attention and consumes significant space on the countertop. So, your kitchen should be big enough to accommodate that while not compromising your other tasks.

This countertop kitchen gadget measures 16.5″ D x 20.2″ W x 11″ H and is made of stainless steel that is free of Teflon and contributes to its durability, longevity, and safe cooking results.


Surprisingly, the Nuwave air fryer has an enormous capacity of 30QTs which is enough to accommodate a considerable variety of food items and prepare portions to serve small gatherings.

This capacity easily lets you roast, air fry, bake, grill, and give you mouth watering results. After testing several items, including Turkey, Pizza, cake, and others, we find it the best for steak preparation that is juicy, tender, and tempting.

Once you use the Nuwave air fryer, there’s no going back to traditional cooking methods, especially on occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.


With its cutting-edge cooking technology, the NUWAVE never fails to satisfy. The oven is equipped with a strong convection fan to guarantee even browning and cooking.

By constantly monitoring temperature variations and making instantaneous adjustments to maintain the set temp, Linear T performs the set temp accurately throughout the cooking process, guaranteeing excellent results every time.

Temperature and Timer Controls

Temperature and timer control precisely control your cookery in the NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer. It has a user-friendly control panel that is convenient to use and allows for seamless temperature adjustment from 50F to 500F with a 5oF increment.

In contrast to antiquated methods of regulating temperature by turning the heater on and off, this culinary gadget never turns off.

Cooking Performance

The remarkable culinary performance of the NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer will astound you. This versatile appliance’s precise temperature control and even heat distribution elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

With the Bravo Air Fryer Oven’s customizable racks and accessories, you can experiment with various foods.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Oven is simple to clean and care for. Cleanup is easy thanks to the dishwasher-safe parts and non-stick inside.

It features easy cleaning of any spills or crumbs with the help of the crumb tray. Your air fryer oven’s beautiful stainless steel exterior may be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

• Stain resistant construction
• Stainless steel coating
• Intuitive digital controls
• 50F to 500F temperature
• Dual Heat zones
• Linear T Technology
• Exterior gets super hot


You can unleash your inner culinary genius with the help of the NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer, a piece of effective and flexible kitchen equipment.

This air fryer is revolutionary because of its space-saving design, large capacity, cutting-edge technology, accurate temperature and timing controls, high-quality cooking results, and low maintenance requirements.

10. GLUCK 20 Quart Air Fryer Oven

GLUCK 10-in-1 20 QT Air Fryer Oven

GLUCK Air Fryer Oven

Key Features

  • 20-quart basket
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Great  for hosting gatherings
  • Advanced air circulation technology
  • Consistent cooking results
  • Pre-programmed cooking functions

When it comes to hassle-free cooking, GLUCK comes at the top with its spacious 20 QT capacity, visible cooking window, and versatile cooking options.

This particular model is designed with beginners in mind, hence comes with an included recipe book, 9-touch pre-programmed cooking settings, and crispy cooking results in minutes.

Let’s explore the air fryer in detail and determine what differentiates it from competitors.


Unlike many other cost-effective air fryers, GLUCK has impressed us with its rich accessories and appealing construction quality.

It is a complete package, and the package includes an air fry net basket, rotating basket, drip tray, fetch rack, removable drip tray, and 2pc oven mitts.

Size and Design

The GLUCK Air Fryer Oven is made to be stylish and contemporary so that it won’t seem out of place in any home. A significant size of 15.4″D x 14.6″ W x 13.4″H makes it ideal for crowded kitchens.

The thoughtful design of the appliance includes a window that allows you to observe your food as it cooks and control knobs that facilitate the culinary process.


The GLUCK Air Fryer Oven’s 20-quart capacity provides ample space for preparing meals for the entire family or entertaining guests. It is specially designed to satisfy your cravings on a simple weeknight and hosts parties on the weekend without worrying about feeding them.

This massive capacity can easily accommodate a variety of food items, including chicken, turkey, vegetables for the sides, fish, and more and deliver well-cooked results.


The GLUCK Air Fryer Oven’s 360-degree heated air circulation technology guarantees even and efficient cooking. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your food is thoroughly and uniformly prepared, resulting in crusty exteriors and tender interiors.

By circulating heated air from all directions, you can enjoy evenly prepared, flavorful food without the need for excessive oil or the danger of uneven cooking.

Temperature and Timer Controls

The GLUCK Air Fryer provides defined temperature control, with a temperature range of 180°F to 400°F, allowing you to adjust the culinary temperature to accommodate a variety of recipes.

However, Nuwave Bravo has a wider temperature range of 50-500 degrees Fahrenheit, making the device more flexible for many food items, especially meats.

On the upside, its integrated timer function can be easily set to your desired cooking time, giving you peace of mind while eliminating the risk of overcooking or burning food.

Cooking Performance

Ready to be stunned by the exceptional culinary performance of the GLUCK Air Fryer? Its flexible functionality enables you to experiment with a vast array of recipes and culinary methods.

This air fryer oven produces consistently delectable results, whether you’re preparing flawlessly golden and crispy French fries, mouth watering pastries, or tender meats.

Also, unlike Ultrean, its 10 built-in cooking functions streamline the cooking process, allowing home cooks to select the desired cooking mode to prepare the dishes comfortably and easily.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Using the GLUCK Air Fryer, cleaning up after cooking is simple. The dishwasher-safe components, such as the culinary basket and accessories, can be easily removed and cleaned.

• Large enough capacity
• 10 cooking presets
• 180F to 400F temperature
• Hot air circulation
• Cost-effective
• Multifunctional
• Can be a bit noisy
• A bit bulky


The GLUCK Air Fryer is an efficient and versatile kitchen appliance that unleashes your culinary imagination.

This air fryer oven is a valuable addition to any kitchen due to its 20-quart capacity, advanced technology, precise temperature and timer controls, impressive culinary performance, and simple cleaning and maintenance.

Best Air Fryer 2024 Buying Guide

So we assume you have taken the first step to turn to healthy cooking by investing in an air fryer, but we can understand the confusion you must be feeling.

As a novice, it can be overwhelming to explore the vast sea of amazing options, but panic not, as we will walk you through some important factors that need your attention before you get your first air fryer.

Also, if you’re upgrading or have had a bad experience with the cooking gadget, take advantage of this detailed buying guide on finding the right air fryer so you won’t make mistakes ever again.

Capacity. Size Matters!

I believe size matters when getting anything for your home, especially the kitchen.

So, when getting an air fryer, the very first thing to consider is its size, dimensions, and capacity.

For a small kitchen, you should invest in the small air fryer that consumes little space on a kitchen countertop and wouldn’t be tricky to store when not in use. Also, many air fryers come in different designs, color shades, and shapes, giving you more customization options.

But your primary consideration before getting your hands on an air fryer is its capacity. The basket capacity will determine what and how much you can cook in your air fryer at one time.

If you’re a small family of 2 people, then you can easily find a wide variety of 2-quart air fryers that should be enough to cater for your needs. However, you must go bigger with basket size if you host gatherings more often or have a large family to feed.

Or if you’re living alone, you can get specially designed air fryers for one person with a tiny basket and multiple functions at the most reasonable prices.

User-Oriented Interface

The next important thing to consider is its navigation system.

Getting a digital, smart, or high-end air fryer sounds nice, but what if you can’t even understand its operation? What’s the point?

So, always get an air fryer with a user-friendly interface to make the whole cooking process stress-free.

Also, as a beginner, a smooth interface that wouldn’t make the navigation complex makes your cooking more enjoyable. Check for temperature and timer controls and navigate the safety features (if any) beforehand.

The controls should be at the top panel or the front, which is easy to reach in case of overcooking or instant shut-off.

You will find the dialer controls and the digital one with a screen for temperature monitoring, so choose the one that is easy to understand and manage for you. Don’t try to complicate the cooking for the sake of style and modernism.


The air fryers come with two types of controls: temperature and timer controls. It is the foundation of conventional cooking, and by setting the right temperature for your cooking, you can achieve optimal results at a desired time.

So, seek an air fryer with adjustable temperature settings and a wide range to make the air fryer flexible for various food items to cook. The temperature setting helps you fine-tune the heat according to your preferences and recipe.

On the other hand, the timer is helpful, especially to beginners. It turns off the air fryer when the cooking time is up and prevents the food from the risk of burning or over-cooking. Many air fryers feature a beep/sound option that alerts the cook when the food is ready. It can be annoying but helpful in most circumstances.

Cooking Presets

Since air fryers are getting advanced, they can do more than air frying!

Yes, many air fryers come with cooking presets that expand their functionality and turn them into multipurpose air fryers that can do grilling, roasting, baking, dehydrating, or much more by choosing the right preset setting and adjusting the temperature.

This versatility of the air fryer eliminates the guesswork and ensures consistent cooking results, making cooking easier than ever for beginners.

The intuitive cooking pre-programmed settings can be utilized for making fish, steaks, chicken, muffins, pizza, and more.

Safety Features

Thank God for the built-in safety features of the air fryers.

Since using an air fryer already shrinks the risk of accidental hand burns, hot oil splatters, and other risks, we usually experience the traditional way of cooking.

The safety features like the cool touch exterior, auto shut-off, timer beeps, and others make the cooking more convenient and peaceful.

A solid construction using Teflon-free products and a warranty further guarantees the peace of mind when using the air fryer.


Cleaning after cooking your delicious food items is the most frustrating thing ever. Scrubbing, using harsh chemicals that can damage the skin, and spending a long time at the sink fighting the stubborn food residue is a turn-off for many. Well, at least for us.

But that happens only with the traditional frying ways.

An air fryer is easy to clean even if you’re using your hands or putting it in a dishwasher.

Yes, many air fryers are dishwasher-safe, saving you time and eliminating the need for scrubbing. The basket, tray, and other detachable components can be cleaned in a machine, and an interior or exterior will shine if you wipe it with a damp cloth.


Offering a warranty is a great way to earn the consumer’s trust.

Many air fryers come with a warranty of 1 year, giving peace of mind to beginners to explore their cooking passion and turn their culinary imaginations into reality without any worry.

And many air fryers come with extended warranties, so be sure to check beforehand about the brand’s warranty policy.

You can check the Cosori air fryers, Ninja, and even Instant Pot Vortex for extended warranties and high-quality products built to last. 


The best air fryer is a game-changer in the world of modern cooking, a revolutionary gadget that combines deliciousness, healthiness, and ease of use. This article has uncovered the mysteries of air fryers to date, leading you to the ultimate crispy victory, whether you’re after the alluring scent of flawlessly crisp fries or the juicy joys of air-fried chicken.

Why wait any longer? Take advantage of this rich information resource and embark on a healthy cooking journey!

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