Why Does My Air Fryer Turns On/Off by Itself? [Reasons & Fixes]

Air fryers are a small powerhouse that can create crispy meals in a few minutes using convection- a heat circulation technology that perfectly cooks the meal.

Imagine you’re eagerly preparing your favorite meal in the air fryer, and it suddenly turns off, or even scarier, turns on by itself.

Sounds strange?

Well, it has a logical explanation, so hold your horses and keep reading.

We will uncover this secret and try to answer your most asked query: why does my air fryer turn on/off by itself?

However, if you quickly want to get hold of this problem, check the Power Connection, Reset the Air Fryer, check for faulty components, or ensure the control panel is working perfectly.

The Curious Case of Air Fryer Turns on By Itself

air fryer turns on by itself

Have you ever noticed when your air fryer suddenly comes to life even when you didn’t input the command or turn on any buttons?

It just feels like a kitchen ghost playing scary tricks on you.

But fear not; it is possible.

One potential culprit behind why your air fryer turns on itself could be a faulty power button or control panel. Yes, just like a glitch switch turns on the room, a faulty power button can wake the air fryer from a deep sleep.

So, ensure the power button is not faulty, and the control panel is clean enough from any sort of debris or food sticking. For potential faults, you may want to check the power cord, sockets, or power-related areas.

And just like the air fryer suddenly turns on, there could be times when it turns off even while you’re in the middle of a cooking process. It leads us to your next most-asked question:

Why is My Air Fryer Turn Off by Itself? – The Vanishing Act

The phenomenon in which your air fryer suddenly turns off in the middle of the frying process is equally as confusing. It’s almost as if Houdini himself broke into your home and left you with an unfinished lunch.

But don’t worry; there could be many logical explanations for this problem.

1. Power Connection

Unplug the Air Fryer

First, ensure that the power cord’s end is firmly inserted into the socket.

Your air fryer can cut off abruptly if one of its connections is loose, which would be caused by an intermittent power source.

Check the quality of the power cord. If it is damaged, broken, or exposed, it could contribute to a poor connection.

2. Overheating can be a Problem

air fryers Overheating

It’s possible that overheating is the culprit.

There are built-in safety features in air fryers that turn the appliances off immediately if they reach a temperature that might potentially cause harm. So, make sure you set the timer so the air fryer turns off without scaring you.

Also, don’t try to overcrowd the basket and ensure proper ventilation for the proper airflow during the cooking process.

3. Damaged Parts

air fryer Damaged Parts

Another potential reason an air fryer turns off by itself could be the damaged air fryer or any included part being at fault.

Check for any damaged components in the air fryer, including the fan or heating elements. Cracks on the air fryer shouldn’t be avoided, and ensure the basket and other parts fit properly.

Sometimes when we opt for deep cleaning, removing the included parts may seem easy, but putting them back in place requires a little effort. So, refer to the instructions manual and ensure you properly put the basket, trays, or heating element.

Troubleshooting Specific Air Fryer Models

Despite their brand or model, air fryers are not immune to issues. Like any technology, air fryers, whether you buy them for $50 or $1000 may leave you scratching your head, especially when such a sudden mystery comes to experience.

So, let’s explore some common troubleshooting tips for popular air fryer models, including Ninja or Instant Vortex, and discover the frequent shutdown problems and their solutions.

Power XL Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off

Power XL Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off

It might be stressful and disruptive to your cooking process if your Power XL Air Fryer keeps shutting off unexpectedly. This problem often comes on by excessive heating or an inadequate power supply.

In order to solve this problem, you will need to ensure that the air fryer is set on a level surface with adequate airflow. It is important to avoid crowding the fryer to the point that ventilation is difficult since this might cause the appliance to overheat.

If the issue continues, you may want to consider checking for firmware upgrades or contacting the customer care team at Power XL for more assistance.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off

The Instant Vortex Air Fryer is well-known for its effectiveness and versatility; nevertheless, it is time to investigate the problem if it keeps turning off without warning.

Start with the protocol. Check for a faulty power connection or damaged or exposed power cord. Ensure the power connection is not loose, and the power supply is not compromised. You may want to use another electronic gadget with the socket to ensure it works properly.

The next thing to check is if the air fryer basket is not overloaded with food items. Your wish to make a huge quantity of food in a single batch may lead you to this annoying problem, so be careful and ensure the air fryer receives enough airflow for smooth operation.

Ninja Air Fryer Shuts Off While Cooking- Why?

Imagine you’re making a delicious steak that you can’t wait to have in your stomach, but in the midst of cooking, the Ninja air fryer stops working, leaving you puzzled.

You must identify the root cause and start with the power cord firmly connected to the power source/socket. A loose connection can interrupt the power supply. But the other and most common reason for this problem that we personally face is overheating.

Blocked air vents can compromise ventilation, which could result in the air fryer being puzzled, and ultimately it turns off by itself without any warning.

Check out for these problems, and in case these things are perfectly in order, contact Ninja customer support for further assistance.

Tower Air Fry: Blinking Light On And Off

air fryer Blinking Light

It might be confusing if you find that the light on your Tower Air Fryer flickers or turns on and off at sporadic intervals. A malfunctioning light switch or loose connection typically causes this issue.

For starters, inspect the wiring and make sure that all of the connections are secure. If the problem continues, you might consider contacting Tower’s customer service for help acquiring replacement components or more instructions on how to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Air fryers turn off automatically?

Many kinds of air fryers do, in fact, include built-in safety measures that turn the device off if it reaches a specific temperature or has been on for too long. With these safety measures, overheating is prevented, and harm is avoided.

Why does my air fryer turn off while cooking?

There’s probably more than one logical explanation for this. Possible causes include an inadequate power supply to the machine, overloading the fryer by placing too many items in it, or a defective power cord. Damaged or faulty components of the air fryer can also cause this problem.


Automatically turning on and off, as has been observed with some air fryers, is a strange problem. But with the insights you must have gathered with this piece, you can confidently dig into these problems and find solutions.

Become an air fryer detective and find the root cause of your problem. Also, don’t hesitate to contact the respective customer care for more assistance if you’re lost or your problems seem unusual.

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