Best Air Fryer for French Fries in 2024 (Tested & Reviewed by Experts)

French Fries- Golden, crispy, and downright irresistible.

But imagine if you could treat your taste buds with these tasty pleasures without feeling guilty about indulging in deep-fried foods.

Discover the world of air fryers, where you can indulge in your favorite fried items without worrying about your oil intake. Yes, Air fryers can help you prepare crispy French fries with little to no oil, so you can only savor the flavor without any guilt.

So, join me on a mission to find the best air fryer for French fries. Selecting the ideal cooking gadget may involve many factors, so read on to get the one that best suits your cooking habits and eating preferences.

1. COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5-QT for Quick Meals – Top Pick

Top Pick
COSORI Pro LE 5-Qt Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer Pro

Key Features

  • Temperature adjustment upto 450F
  • Temper glass panel
  • 5-Quart capacity
  • Dishwasher-friendly basket
  • 1500 watts
Introducing the high-end Cosori Air Fryer Pro LE 5-quart, an ultimate cooking companion for guilt-free snacks indulgence. It helps to elevate your meals effortlessly with various cooking functions, spacious capacity, and healthy cooking results.

In this fast-moving world of technology, every individual seeks healthy, quick, and delicious desired food. Hence, your only kitchen friend is here to revolutionize your culinary experience.

Yes, I am talking about the Cosori air fryer pro-LE 5-Qt. The fryer has innovative built-in cooking technology, making it a better alternative to traditional cooking methods. The technology results in quick and consistent cooking results that are more healthy to consume.

The fantastic cosori air fryer is best for small families as it comes with 5 quarts basket capacity. It can easily cook 3 pounds of meals in one batch.

Its sleek design with grey color gives a feeling of satisfaction when placed on the kitchen counter. The perfect size covers less space on the shelf, so you’ll have more space to enjoy culinary adventures.

Additionally, operating the Cosori air fryer is as seamless as it sounds. Like the high-end models of Cosori, it also has a digital interface that puts your recipes at your fingertips.

Nonetheless, the standout quality of the air fryer is healthy cooking results that make you cut down your oil intake by 85%. The intense heat circulation around the food items will deliver you crispy textures and tender insides.

Moreover, the fryer has 11 presets for chicken, nuggets, fries, and many more delicious appetizers. Besides, multiple cooking functions that make it a versatile cooking gadget beyond air frying makes it a worthwhile investment.

Also, customization is key. Multiple cooking functions and a temperature range of up to 450F allow you to try different recipes. But with a minimum temperature of 170F, you can get crispy and well-cooked French fries to satisfy your supper cravings.

The personalized shake reminder and fast preheating also combine to simplify the cooking process. And unlike many Ninja air fryer models, this unit doesn’t make disturbing noise during operation. So, it is also a win-win for home chefs.

Lastly, the dishwasher-safe components of this cost-effective air fryer are a treat for busy cooks. It makes the whole cleaning process easy by eliminating the post-cooking cleaning hassle.

· Efficient cooking helps in the reduction of time
· User-friendly operation
· Promotes healthy cooking
· Less energy consumption
· Preset functions for versatility
· Noise levels under 55dB
· Lack of rotisserie function
· Not feasible for large gatherings or families


If you want to indulge in your favorite fried treats, the Cosori air fryer pro-LE 5-Qt is the best choice. With its 11 presets, healthier cooking functionality, and user-friendly feature, your delicious recipes will get a new ray of cooking style.

2. DASH Tasti-Crisp™ Electric 2.6QT Air Fryer Oven

Small Pick
DASH Tasti-Crisp 2.6Qt Electric Air Fryer

DASH Tasti-Crisp Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 1000 watt power
  • 2.6 quarts basket capacity
  • Super affordable
  • Oven cooker with temperature control
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Non-stick fry basket
Upgrade your fry game with the Dash tasty-crisp electric air fryer. Enjoy crispy, golden, and oil-free French fries by utilizing the wide temperature range and spacious basket.

Now is the time to dive into one of the best kitchen appliances, and the DASH tasty-crisp electric air fryer stands tall in this category. Yes! As a big fan of this amazing kitchen appliance, I always recommend that my cooking enthusiast friends and Fries lovers invest in this cooking machine and make their life easier and healthier.

It seems to be the best cooking partner for kitchen queens, fulfilling its promise of bringing healthy meals to your dining table with impressive features, healthy oil-free meals, and seamless operation.

The hot air circulation technology promotes even cooking and produces a crispy texture to the snacks. Compared to the traditional cooking method, less oil is used in cooking in an air fryer.

Also, do not worry if you have limited space on your kitchen counter, as the Dash air fryer fits in easily due to its compact footprints and sleek design.

When it comes to the basket capacity, the air fryer with a 2.6-quarts basket can easily help you make French fries, chicken wings, fish sticks, chicken popcorn, and other relatable everyday snacks. Surprisingly, it can handle significant food portions for individuals, couples, etc.

Thankfully, dialer controls allow you to manually adjust the time and temperature for the cooking customization and turn your frozen items into a delicious delight in no time.

Moreover, the air fryer also comes with an auto shut-off function that turns off the air fryer once the timer is up, so you have stress-free cooking while dealing with other home chores.

Despite being a compact and sleek design, it helps prepare meals for the whole family in one go. While making cooking easy, the Dash air fryer has made cleaning a breeze too. Its non-stick detachable plate and the basket have made cleaning hassle-free.

Lastly, with the 1000W power and temperature range of up to 400F with a timer of 30 minutes, it is the perfect air fryer for preparing crispy and delicate French fries. However, Dash is only restricted to air frying, and unlike other modern-day air fryers, it wouldn’t promote versatility.

So, if you’re someone looking for a budgeted air fryer for frying snacks or want to give a gift to someone, this is the perfect choice you could have.

· No cooking odors as compared to traditional cooking
· User-friendly analog control
· AirCrisp technology
· Cool touch handle
· 30-minutes timer
· Auto shut-off function
· Indorses healthy cooking
· Limited cooking space
· Limits to air frying only


The dash air fryer is a tempting addition to your kitchen appliances. Its capability to produce healthy food effectively and efficiently with less oil usage makes it one of the favorite appliances of kitchen queens.

3. BELLA 2.9 Qt Manual 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Smart Pick
BELLA 2.9 QT 5-in-1 Manual Air Fryer Oven

BELLA 2.9 QT Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Generous 2.5lb capacity
  • 1400W fast heating elements
  • Hassle-free cleaning with easy food release
  • Built-in safety functions
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Circular heat technology
  • Temperature up to 400F
The Bella Air Fryer is a great buy for the money. It works well and lets you eat your favorite fried dishes without feeling guilty about it. It’s a wonderful, low-cost addition to any cooking space.

Bella 2.9QT manual air fryer is a basic, simple, and efficient cooking gadget designed to satisfy sudden snack cravings with its absolutely amazing cooking results.

It features a subtle and elegant design in plastic construction and white color that should easily blend with any kitchen décor. Also, the small footprint shouldn’t be a problem settling it into limited spaces.

Nonetheless, regardless of plastic construction, its build quality is quite impressive and sturdy. Yet, it would be best if you were careful with its maintenance to ensure its durability for the long term.

The best thing about this air fryer is its easy operation. We had a smooth time managing the air fryer with analog controls, but it needed some practice as we are now almost used to digital controls.

Beginners who are not used to such advanced cooking functions will not have a hard time operating this, as the dialer controls might give them a microwave feel. Yet, the results are completely opposite to the ovens and microwaves.

This air fryer never fails to produce delicious food. It’s a healthier alternative to deep frying since it perfectly crisps up food with less oil. The Bella Air Fryer is an appliance that excels in all aspects of cooking, including reheating already prepared meals, frying foods to a golden crisp, and preparing French fries.

The 2.9QT basket capacity is enough to prepare ample food portions, making it an ideal air fryer for couples. Individuals living alone or in small families can also rely on this machine for quick meal preparation.

To our surprise, unlike the Dash air fryer we tested, the compact air fryer comes with multiple cooking functions and expands the usage beyond air frying. Primarily, it does have a function of roast and bake that adds a point to its versatility.

It also lets your broil or reheat leftover items with ease. We couldn’t stop trying the reheating function to compare the results with the microwave. After reheating the tacos, we were thrilled by the exceptional performance.

Powered by a 1400W heating element, the air fryer will surprise you whether you prepare meals from scratch or rediscover the flavor of already prepared ones. The fast cooking times are also a plus, but the meals with 88% less fat and 65% fewer calories take all the credit.

It definitely offers value for many with easy access to the controls, a wide temperature range of up to 400F, and easy cleanup with a dishwasher-safe basket. It is an incredible addition to small kitchens and families who love fried items.

· Elegant design
· Manual control knobs
· 60-minute timer
· Versatile with roast, bake, and reheat functions
· No preheating required
· Crispy and delicious food results
· Plastic construction
· Requires extra attention with maintenance


Finally, the Bella 2.9-Quart Manual Air Fryer can be a wonderful addition to any small kitchen. It’s a great option for anybody who wants to prepare healthy meals without compromising taste because of its low price, high performance, and ease of use.

4. CAYNEL 5QT Air Fryer Oven

Staff Pick
CAYNEL 5QT Air Fryer Oven

CAYNEL 5QT Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Basket capacity of 4.7L
  • Spacious star-shaped design
  • 1400W heating element
  • Digital control system
  • Multiple safety functions
  • Versatile with 8 cooking presets
The innovative construction of the Caynel Airfryer, consisting of a combination of a starfish-shaped design, rapid circulation of superheated air, and an ideal heating profile, allows you to fry a wide range of tasty foods which will be simple, quick, and more beneficial to your health.

Trying out new items has always been my thing because I like to explore brand-new products and their features, especially when it involves cooking and eating. Caynel Air Fryer is another finding in the vast ocean of amazing air fryers.

To our surprise, the Caynel was better than we thought. Though reluctant to use it for a day at the start, it has become our go-to cooking appliance whenever we crave meatballs, popcorn, tenders, and French fries.

Unlike the Cosori and Dash air fryers we tested, it was quite big, with an interior of a 5-quart capacity. It claims to hold ample capacity for snack items (depending on the food items), but we could easily make pounds of French fries and chicken wings without compromising the texture and taste.

The detachable 5-quart basket is easy to come out of, so we can easily arrange the food items without putting it at risk for overcrowding. And the rapid air circulation technology starts cooking the food with little to no oil intake.

The fast speed and excellent cooking precision make this air fryer successful in busy kitchens. It may make some noise during the operations, but it is bearable when you get the mouthwatering feasts without putting too much effort into cooking.

Speaking of precision, the wide temperature range of 176F to 400F gives you total control over your culinary creations, and the 30-minute cooking timer with an auto shut-off function further simplifies the cooking.

Whether you’re air-frying French fries or chicken balls, crave a well-cooked shrimp, or even want to bake some muffins, this air fryer will be your go-to kitchen companion while helping you get rid of other appliances at once.

Surprisingly, unlike the Dash air fryer, it has 8 cooking presets that open the door to endless culinary creations. The culinary adventure will be super exciting as this machine can handle frying tasks, baking, reheating, and much more with great customization.

At last, many chefs worry about the post-cooking cleanup, which involves a lot of oiling, grease, and the hassle of scrubbing. But with Caynel, everything will be stress-free as the basket and other components are dishwasher-safe, and the inside can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

· Pleasing appearance
· Fast cooking results
· Create a healthy version of Fries
· BPA free machine
· Dishwasher-safe components
· Easily makes 2.5lbs of food faster
· Plastic construction
· Limited color options


Despite being new in the market, Caynel is doing surprisingly great when it comes to delivering a healthy version of frying items, like French fries or chicken wings. With the fast cooking results, it saves energy consumption big time and produces healthy delights with no oil intake.

5. CROWNFUL 7 Quart Air Fryer

Best Overall Pick
CROWNFUL 7 Quart Air Fryer


Key Features

  • Large capacity of 5.68L (7QT)
  • 12 cooking presets for greater versatility
  • Prepares crispy French fries
  • Sturdy and well-build profile
  • Precise temperature controls
  • 1700W heating elements
Crownful 7QT air fryer is a reliable choice for those who enjoy crispy or flavorful dishes with no oil. It is a practical investment that can help you achieve your cooking goals while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Air fryers are designed to transform how we cook, and this unit from Crownful is designed to raise our expectations a little higher when it comes to modern cooking. It is surely a healthy alternative to traditional frying, and this air fryer is perfect for families of 5 for healthy meals.

It features a sleek yet sophisticated appearance that should complement any kitchen décor sitting on the kitchen countertop. Like the other fryers we tested, it also has a plastic construction that could raise concerns for durability, but overall it seems sturdy.

The black color looks appealing, though, and the digital control panel with labeled buttons and LCD seems to make the operation easier than ever. The user-friendly interface is designed to eliminate the complexities that manual fryers usually promote.

Additionally, the spacious 7-quart basket capacity gives a hint to cook food for the large family and allows you to count on it for main meals with the addition of appetizers and snacks.

When preparing snacks for movie nights or everyday supper, you can use the generous basket for making large batches in one go. It can easily handle making French fries for 6 individuals in significant portions.

Besides fries, it is also designed to handle a variety of dishes as the rapid air circulation technology distributes even heat around and on top of the food, resulting in crispy, well-cooked, and consistent results.

When it’s about customization in cooking, the Crownful air fryer doesn’t stay behind to impress the chefs. With a precise and adjustable temperature range of 180F to 400F and a timer of up to 60 minutes, it caters to a wide range of recipes.

Another standout function of this air fryer under 150, which expands its versatility, is its multiple cooking functions. From chicken to fish, Fries to meatballs, it has you covered. And when making a diverse range of dishes, safety becomes your first priority.

However, many users have claimed the cooking presets do not always give the desired outcomes, and there’s a lot of learning curve involved when using these advanced features. But with time and practice, you can use it at its full potential.

Thus, this air fryer comes with overheating protection and an automatic shut-off timer function to prevent any inconvenience in the kitchen.

Speaking of inconvenience, the post-cleaning hassle is real, and all the chefs can relate to it. Therefore, Crownful makes things easier by ensuring a smooth cleaning protocol featuring dishwasher-safe baskets and non-stick coating.

· Matte finish body looks appealing
· Generous capacity for Fries
· 1-year warranty
· Fast cooking results
· Excellent performance
· Free recipe cookbook included
· Large and bulky
· Involves a learning curve


In summing up, the CROWNFUL 7 Quart Air Fryer is an effective cooking tool that should be included in your collection of kitchen appliances. Because of its large capacity, simple controls, and the variety of foods it can prepare, it is an invaluable tool for preparing nutritious meals.

6. Chefman TurboFry® TouchscreenXL 8-Qt Family Size Air Fryer

Family Pick
CHEFMAN 2 in 1 Max XL 8 Qt Air Fryer

Chefman TurboFry Touch Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Large 8-quart basket space
  • One-touch digital controls
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Enjoy food without calories
  • Built-in LED shake reminder
  • Versatile temperature range
Invest in a premium Chefman TurboFry® Touch Air Fryer and enjoy crispy, healthier meals without the hassle of traditional frying. It is a tasty, fast, and healthy way to get your guilt-free indulgence any time any day.

One of the leading brands of air fryers, Chefman has made its name by making the lives of busy chefs easier with their easy-to-use and exciting products. Alongside being affordable, Chefman air fryers are versatile, convenient, and durable for households.

Chefman TurboFry Touch air fryer is no exception. It has all the qualities one would need in an air fryer for everyday use, especially when turning the cooking habits from traditional to modern.

Continuing to soar, the Chefman TurboFry air fryer has a modern, aesthetically pleasing design. The stainless steel construction ensures its durability, and the stainless color that shines instantly attracts anyone.

However, you need to be very careful with constant cleaning because the construction and stainless color will show the fingerprints more prominently, which can ruin its appearance. But it will be super easy to clean with a cloth.

Moving on, a slightly bigger capacity than the Crownful 7QT fryer, this air fryer with an 8QT basket makes itself ideal for a family of 6. It prepares ample food to feed the large family and is designed to get dinner on the tables in minutes.

Undoubtedly, the air fryer solves the dinner dilemma by offering to make main meals with great consistency and flavor, consuming little to no oil for a healthy touch. For guilt-free indulgence, you can also count on it for delicate fried items, like French Fries, chicken balls, wings, tenders, and even tacos.

Thankfully, navigating the Chefman air fryer is a piece of cake, thanks to the digital control panel. The interface has all the necessary controls to prepare the food. Everything is labeled from temperature to timer, and 4 cooking presets to avoid confusion.

However, many users claim the digital interface is too sensitive to use. The dust and food residue easily sticks onto the screen, making the touchscreen not work. Therefore, it is wise to maintain cleanliness to avoid any inconvenience during cooking.

On the brighter side, the temperature range of 200F to 400F and a timer of up to 60 minutes accommodate diverse cooking needs. Besides, the preset cooking makes the guesswork out of meal-making, giving you mouth watering feasts without practice and experience.

Lastly, the non-stick interior and dishwasher-safe large basket make the cleaning less time-consuming. But we recommend deep cleaning the heating element and other fryer components more frequently to ensure the machine’s longevity.

· Attractive and elegant design
· Adjustable controls
· Smart safety functions
· Perfect for 4-6 individuals
· Air fry with no oil
· Hassle-free cooking
· Sensitive digital panel


In conclusion, the Chefman TurboFry® Touch Air Fryer is an excellent appliance to have if you often prepare meals for a small number of people in your home. It is a trustworthy option for individuals trying to create healthy meals because of its small size, simple controls, and consistent outcomes.

7. PowerXL Vortex 10 QT Air Fryer

10 QT Pick
PowerXL Vortex 10 QT Single Basket Air Fryer

PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Crispy, juicy, and delicious results
  • 10QT spacious capacity
  • One-touch LED panel
  • 1700W heating elements
  • Precise controls
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
You may improve your culinary skills and adopt a healthy lifestyle without compromising taste by adding the PowerXL Vortex to your kitchen. It is a worthwhile investment considering the healthy alternative to traditional cooking methods at this price.

In the realm of air fryers, the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer has made very much a name for itself. The wide range of PowerXl air fryers is making their way to every household around the globe for their versatility, durability, and reliability.

After thorough research, we picked this particular product and couldn’t be more surprised by its exceptional cooking performance. Unlike Chefman, Dash, and Bella, it comes with shelves instead of a basket, which is more roomy than we could imagine.

Also, compared to the other 10 QT air fryers with baskets, it can hold much more food quantity and can handle preparing various food items at once utilizing three shelves. So, that’s a pretty good thing for large families and busy households with food preferences.

Setting up and using the air fryer is not rocket science. Just plug the machine, insert the food items into the basket, manage the controls, and wait for your desired results. Maintenance is also seamless, unlike other air fryers.

Moreover, this PowerXL air fryer has a sleek yet modern design that adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. The brushed stainless steel finish makes it seem trendy and assures that it will last for a long time. The home appliance gives off the impression of being strong and well-built, which inspires trust in its durability.

The digital control panel at the front helps with easy navigation. The interface has all the necessary controls carefully labeled to avoid confusion, forcing you to eliminate all the other appliances and rely on this machine for different cooking methods.

Where the interface is user-friendly, navigating different controls wasn’t this seamless ever. With a wide temperature range of 180F to 400F and a timer of up to 60 minutes, it lets you customize your recipes with great precision for incredible results.

The PowerXL Vortex’s many pre programmed cooking options are a major selling point. Presets exist for a wide variety of common dishes, from fries to chicken to pizza, making cooking easier for novices and saving time for seasoned cooks alike.

While the cooking presets are a time-saver, some users have found that they need to be tweaked somewhat before getting the desired results. So, the air fryer has a bit of a learning curve.

· Generous capacity for large batches
· Easy navigation
· Reduces oil intake
· Multiple cooking presets
· Fast cooking times
· Exceptional and consistent results
· Dehydrate vegetables and meat
· It can be hard to get used to
· Requires large counter space


In summing up, the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer is an industry powerhouse. It may be used in a variety of settings because of its modern appearance, large capacity, and user-friendly controls. The cooking settings make it simple for people of all skill levels to enjoy crispy, healthier meals.

8. Ultrean 4.2 QT Air Fryer

4 QT Pick
Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2-Quart Electric Hot Air Fryer Oven

Ultrean Air Fryer

Key Features

  • UL-certified air fryer
  • LCD digital screen
  • 1500-watt heating element
  • 4.2-quart basket
  • Advanced rapid hot air technology
  • Temperature ranges from 82F To 400F
If you’ve never tried air frying before, the Ultrean Electric Air Fryer is a great place to start. It’s a great option for individuals who want to produce healthy meals without compromising flavor because of its small size, straightforward controls, and reliable performance.

One of the best innovations in the stream of technology is the Ultrean air fryer. If you want a kitchen powerhouse that makes crispy, juicy, and delicious meals, get this best-budget air fryer for under 100 dollars.

Well, according to my cooking experience, I have seen that traditional methods require drowning food in hot oil, producing unhealthy meals. On the other hand, air fryers have a wand that has the magic of hot air circulation, making healthy, delicious meals.

Ultrean air fryer comes with a 4.2-quart capacity which should be enough to prepare meals for 2-3 individuals. The appetizers, snacks, and meals can be prepared efficiently for couples or individuals.  

The rapid air-circulating technology ensures the production of evenly cooked meals. Whatever you cook inside the roomy basket will come out well-cooked and perfectly made to satisfy your taste buds.

The LCD control panel and buttons also make the appliance user-friendly, putting the controls at your fingertips for easy access and navigation. There are a couple of buttons to manage temperature and timer, but we miss the digital panel.

The temperature range goes from 180F to 400F, and the auto switch timer of 0-30 minutes further simplifies the cooking process for many. The rapid air circulation technology with multiple cooking presets saves time and money to invest in other appliances.

Yes, it’s not just a fryer but also offers roasting, baking, and grilling functions to expand its versatility. You can get 4 in one, so it’s time to say goodbye to many appliances in your kitchen as the kitchen beast is here to help you make the best dishes by occupying less space on the kitchen counter.

Furthermore, special thanks to its removable, non-stick basket, which makes post-cooking cleaning hassle-free. The appliance helps in promoting healthy cooking by less oil usage. It provides an exceptional cooking experience without compromising taste, speed, and time.

· User-friendly navigation
· Even cooking results
· Used for frying, baking, grilling, and roasting
· Easy cleaning with dishwasher-friendly parts
· Preserve nutrients
· Healthy cooking results
· Produce noise while working
· Comes with limited accessories.


The Ultrean Electric Air Fryer is a multipurpose kitchen gadget that will change the way you cook forever. If you’re searching for a quick and easy method to cook your favorite foods without sacrificing your health, this air fryer is a great option.

Best Air Fryer for French Fries (2024 Buying Guide?

There are a few things to think about while shopping for the finest air fryer for crispy French fries. This in-depth guide will help you choose the best air fryer for your needs and begin cooking right away.

Let’s explore!

Air Fryer Capacity

The first and most important consideration is the air fryer capacity. Be careful when choosing the air fryer size because it determines how much food you will make in a single batch. So, your basket size should be based on your family size, portion size preferences, eating habits, and what you plan to cook most frequently.

A small to medium-size air fryer for the French fries will be sufficient for small families. For individuals, 2 or 3 quarts will be enough, but if you plan to host gatherings, you should go with the 7-8, or even 10-quart air fryer size.

Cooking performance

It is also important to consider the ability of an air fryer to deliver crispy, golden, and juicy French fries. Your priority should be evenly-cooked meals followed by rapid air circulation and precise control management.

Easy Navigation

Kitchen appliances, be it an air fryer, microwave, oven, toaster, coffee maker, etc., should be extremely easy to use so anyone can access and operate them. Look out for a user-friendly interface, manual or digital, which you can manage without assistance.

The temperature and timer controls should be highlighted so you can easily set the desired range. The cooking presets, or safety functions should also be accessible to avoid any inconvenience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While setting up the air fryer and navigating is important, cleaning and maintaining it are equally important. After indulging in crispy French fries, nobody wants to waste time scrubbing the air fryer basket to get rid of any leftover food residue, so watch out for dishwasher-safe baskets for hassle-free cleanup.

Additional Features

Many air fryers come with additional features like a cool-touch handle, auto switch-off when you take out the basket and cooking functions that expand its usage beyond air frying.

So, if you’re planning to eliminate other kitchen appliances, and want a multifunctional air fryer that does more than frying, watch out for your desired cooking functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best air fryer for french fries?

The Crownful 7 QT air fryer is the best choice for flavorful, crispy, and tender dishes with minimal oil. Its highlighting features include 12 cooking functions, spacious 7 QT basket space, precise controls, and 1700W heating element. You can count on this air fryer to make golden crispy French Fries in no time.

Are air fryers any good for French fries?

Yes, air fryers are amazing for making French fries. They use hot air circulation to cook food, including potatoes, resulting in evenly-cooked and golden brown results.

Why are my French fries not crispy in an air fryer?

Many factors can directly impact cooking performance. First, the choice of potato matters when it comes to achieving crispiness. Russet potatoes tend to be more crispy than high starch content. Besides, ensure the fries are evenly coated with a small amount of oil before frying. Avoid overcrowding the basket at any cost. Temperature and timer adjustment also plays a crucial role.

Is it better to put French fries in the oven or air fryer?

Both methods can give you crispy golden fries, but the air fryer is more beneficial than the oven. The air fryer cooks super fast, consumes significantly less oil, and provides more even texture due to the rapid air circulation technology.

How do you crisp French fries in an air fryer?

To get crispy French Fries in an air fryer:
·         Prep the potatoes by cutting them into uniform strips
·         Slightly toss with oil
·         Place into the basket in a single layer
·         Set the timer and temperature
·         Cook for about 15-20 minutes
·         Season immediately after cooking

Can you use Pam for French fries in an air fryer?

Before air frying, you can use a cooking spray like Pam to coat the Fries lightly. It will promote crispiness and prevent them from sticking to the basket. However, use it sparingly to avoid making the fries greasy.


Choosing the best air fryer for French fries includes careful consideration of your cooking necessities. We believe finding the right cooking machine gets super hard considering the vast range of amazing air fryers available in the market.

Therefore, this comprehensive guide will help you make an educated decision so you can continue to indulge in your favorite fried items without worrying about your health.

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