How to Cook French Fries in Air Fryer? [Step-by-Step]

Imagine treating your taste buds with a plate of crispy outside and tender from inside golden crunchy French fries.

Now you can lift your cooking skills to new heights by choosing the king of kitchen appliances, the air fryer. It’s time to say hello to the path of creating flawless crunchy, and crispy universal treats.

In this adventurous journey, we are here to guide you in creating a compelling combination of fluffy interior and crispy exterior of finely cut potato strips. It would help if you moved your magical wand to start the magic of hot air, and here you successfully get the signature crunchy French fries.

People of all ages love to enjoy crunchy, crispy French fries as a snack. With the help of technology, we can now make crispy French fries with less oil. It’s time to say goodbye to the deep frying method, which can be dangerous for health.

Required Ingredients

To calm your taste buds with crispy French fries, here are the ingredients you prerequisite for culinary.  

  1. Oil (recommend olive oil or vegetable oil)
  2. Golden potatoes
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Additional seasoning

Procedure for Making Crispy French Fries in an Air Fryer

Step 1: Potato Selection

Potato Selection

Choosing the right golden potatoes is the initial and chief step for getting French fries’ anticipated texture and taste. Potatoes with more starchy content always give crunchy, crispy outer French fries and fluffy from the inside.

Step 2: Preparation of Potatoes

Preparation of Potatoes

Now comes preparing potatoes. Wash the potatoes and dry them. Peel the outer skin nicely. Cut the potatoes evenly into strips. The strips should be ¼ to ½ inch thick.

This thickness will lead to evenly cooking of the fries. Place the cut potatoes in the cold water bowl to help remove excess starch to ensure the best result.

Step 3: Drying of Potatoes

Drying of Potatoes

To avoid soggy fries, dry the potatoes with the help of a kitchen or paper towel. Excess moisture will lead to mushy French fries.

Step 4: Preheating of Air Fryer

Preheating of Air Fryer for fries

Preheat the fryer for 5 minutes at 350 degrees F for better texture. Immediately fries will start cooking if the fryer is preheated.

Step 5: Oiling and Seasoning of French Fries

Oiling and Seasoning of French Fries

Take a bowl to add some oil (any oil that you prefer for cooking), and add salt to taste. Add some specific seasoning, like garlic, paprika, BBQ or any other, in the same bowl.

Now put the freshly cut golden potatoes in the bowl and toss it properly so the mixture sticks to the strips properly and evenly. Oiling leads to a crispy outer texture. 

Step 6: Spreading of French Fries in the Air Fryer Basket

Spreading of French Fries in the Air Fryer Basket

Now is the time to spread the fries evenly in a single layer into the fryer. Make sure you don’t overcrowd the basket. If you do so, it will lead to disappointment as you will not get the desired result. Also, the air fryer will keep popping open if the basket won’t completely adjust due to overcrowding, resulting in danger.

Step 7: Time of Cooking

Time of Cooking

It will take 15 to 20 minutes to prepare French fries. Make sure you jiggle the basket after every 5 minutes to certify even culinary skills. Cooking time can vary because of the fries’ thickness or the air fryer’s model. 

Step 8: Doneness of Fries

Doneness of Fries

If you prefer crispy fries, cook them for more or two minutes. Keep in mind that fries will become crispier when they are removed from the fryer. However, we suggest keeping monitoring the fries for overcooking or burning.

Step 9: Serving

Serving Fries

Now is the time to satisfy your taste buds’ craving; serve the delicious universal treat with any sauce you like. Don’t forget to season it once again with your favorite seasoning.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Crispy French Fries

Here are some useful tips to help you make crispy French fries.

  • Cut the fries in equal size. This will ensure the evenly cooked of every bit of potato strips.
  • Always preheat the air fryer. Preheating will help in the immediate cooking of fries. 
  • Arrange Fries smartly. As you know, that air fryer works with air circulation technology; make sure you leave proper space between each strip for evenly cooking.
  • Shake Midway. Don’t forget to shake the basket after every 5 minutes while cooking. This will help in even cooking. 
  • Try Seasonings. To satisfy your craving, experiment with different seasonings.
  • Serve Right Away. After getting the desired crispiness, serve the fries immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do French Fries take in the air fryer?

Preparing crispy textured French Fries should hardly take 15 to 20 minutes. Preparations before putting the Potato strips into the basket decide the overall performance. Cut the potato evenly into the same size and season it with salt for a few minutes. Also, sprinkle some oil for moisture for better results.

Why should we soak French Fries before air frying?

Potatoes naturally have starch which can be dealt with by soaking it after cutting and before air frying. It results in crispy fried French fries. We recommend soaking the fries for 30 minutes before frying.

Why are my French Fries not crispy after being fried in an air fryer?

You’re not following the rule of thumb. Put the potatoes in a single layer, and do not overcrowd the basket. Maintaining a fine distance between fries so the air reaches every piece is crucial for better and crispier results.


Isn’t it amazing to have an efficient masterpiece in your kitchen?

Yes! I am talking about an air fryer.

Hot air circulation technology has become the favorite choice of kitchen queens. Now by following the above simple steps, you can flavor your taste buds with crunchy, crispy French fries with low calories.

Wait, are you thinking about calories? The fries are made with less oil, resulting in low calories, making the French fries a healthy diet for everyone. The air fryer has no doubt given cooking a new dimension.

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