Top 7 Best Ninja Air Fryers in 2024 (Reviews)

Are you prepared to make your kitchen a center of culinary innovation and delight?

If the aroma of flawlessly crisp potatoes or succulent roasted vegetables tantalizes your sense of smell, you are in for a delight.

In this comprehensive article, we will walk you through the exciting world of the Ninja air fryer, which is full of attractive features and capabilities designed to transform how you cook and enjoy your food forever.

Explore the 7 best Ninja air fryer models, from compact companions to multipurpose powerhouses that will take your cooking game to new heights. Read on to discover the top-notch models that deserve a sweet spot in your kitchen and discover a world of new tastes, exciting innovations, and savory delights.

1. Ninja AF080 2 Quart Mini Air Fryer – Top Pick

Top Pick
Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer

Ninja AF080 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Small 2-quart basket capacity
  • Rapid air circulation
  • Reduces fat in meals up to 70%
  • Wide cooking time range
  • Nonstick interior
Start your adventurous cooking journey with the Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer, featuring small size, quiet cooking, and adjustable controls. This champion of compact cooking lets you enjoy crispy and succulent delights in no time.

If you’re looking for a compact air fryer that combines flexibility, convenience, and delectable cooking results, then Ninja AF080 is the best choice you could have. I have so much to tell you guys on this exciting journey of trying this powerhouse.

Ninja AF080 is smaller than you can think but is more powerful than you can imagine. It boasts a 2-quart basket capacity ideal for singles, couples, or anyone with limited kitchen space.

Additionally, this Ninja little marvel is designed to blend seamlessly into compact kitchens, taking much fewer countertop tops and helping you with easy kitchen setup. Also, the 1000-Wattage ensures rapid and even cooking, so you can relish flavorful delights in no time.

I must say, this piece is crafted with a tasteful plastic exterior, which may sound good for the stainless steel, but its modern design adds a sweet touch of elegance to any kitchen. Its aesthetic charm harmonizes with any kitchen décor, making it not just a cooking appliance but also a statement piece.

Moving forward to its functionality, Ninja never disappoints. Using this little piece is not rocket science, especially with the dialer controls at the front. With a maximum temperature of 400F, you have the complete flexibility to crisp up your favorites to ultimate perfection.

The adjustable timer, ranging from 1-60 minutes, allows you to fine-tune your cooking time, ensuring your favorite dishes are cooked thoroughly even without any built-in cooking presets.

Yet, cooking in this air fryer is as simple as it sounds. You have to turn on the air fryer, put the snacks/meal into the basket in a single layer, set the temperature and time, and boom. When the food is cooked, it will alert you.

Moreover, this wide cooking temperature and timer range allow for multiple cooking dishes, including snacks or small meals. To our surprise, you can also reheat the pasta or any leftover meals in this air fryer, and it won’t compromise on the flavor and texture.

Another standout feature of the Ninja AF080 air fryer is its nonstick interior which makes cleanup a breeze after each cooking session. Where you have to manually clean the interior, the basket is dishwasher-safe to help you with quick cleaning.

While the Ninja boasts an array of remarkable features as a basic budget-friendly air fryer, it’s important to note that it lacks cooking functions and is limited to air frying small meals and snacks in small portions and reheating.

While it can revolutionize leftover meals, it doesn’t offer diverse cooking functions like Ninja’s other models. But at this price and size, the limitation is justified.

· Ideal for snacks
· Seamless navigation
· 1-60 minutes timer
· Temperature goes up to 400
· Dishwasher-safe basket
· 1000W unit
· Lack of cooking presets


In the world of air fryers for small families, the Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer stands out with its petite size, easy functionality, fast cooking times, and impressive wattage. While its limitation to reheating might not cater to everyone’s needs, it’s an incredible option for those who appreciate the efficiency and a small footprint at the best prices.

2. Ninja AF101 4 Quart Air Fryer

Staff Pick
Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • High Gloss Finish with Grey color
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Rapid air circulation for thorough cooking
  • Fast preheating and cooking
  • Wide temperature range
  • Four cooking functions
As you venture into the advanced world of air frying, know that Ninja AF101 is not just a kitchen appliance but a gateway to an innovative culinary masterpiece. Its 4-quart basket, 4 cooking functions, and wide temperature range can help you unleash your culinary creativity.

While appraising the latest innovations in kitchen appliances, I came across another air fryer designed for 2 people, or say, small families but with more advanced features and a visually-appealing design.

Unlike Ninja AF080, it is more versatile and designed to cater to your different culinary cravings. It is a generous, little big 4-quart air fryer that came on the market with a tempting gray exterior to complement any kitchen décor.

Not only that, its ceramic material not only adds a sense of elegance to its presence but also contributes to even heat distribution for impeccable cooking results.

When it comes to power, the Ninja AF101 air fryer is armed with 1550W of power, making sure rapid and consistent cooking results no matter what you prepare. This wattage power balances efficiency and energy consumption, making it an environment-friendly cooking gadget.

We also loved its easy navigation system, featuring easy-to-press and labeled buttons at the front. The first portion consists of temperature and timer controls, the middle one has all the cooking functions, and at the bottom, you’ll find power and the start/pause button.

Speaking of that, the standout feature of this fryer is its 4 cooking functions. Unlike the Ninja AF080, it comes with four versatile modes-air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate- eliminating the guesswork for some of the routine cooking.

Also, with these presets, you’ll have the culinary world at your fingertips. This air fryer surely does everything from achieving perfect crisps to your French Fries to indulging in delectable roasted veggies.

It also features a wide temperature range, from 105F to 400F, giving you ample flexibility to explore diverse cooking techniques. Whether you want to dehydrate vegetables or looking to achieve that perfect sear on meat cuts, this wide temperature range empowers your culinary adventures.

When we were taking advantage of this mini multi powerhouse, we were not shocked to see its incredible results. From crispy onion rings and succulent air-fried chicken to roasted bell peppers infused with smoky goodness, it surprised us with its endless qualities.

And the post-cooking time is also pretty smooth, thanks to the dishwasher-safe basket and seamless cleaning with a nonstick interior. You may have difficulty cleaning the heating element, but it only happens when you frequently use it to prepare sticky meals.

However, every gem has its facet flaws, and this Ninja air fryer is no exception. While putting the items in the basket and enjoying crispy and tender results sounds crazy, its temperature and timer controls may confuse you a bit if you’re not a pro.

It is also small and might not be used to prepare main dishes, but it is a perfect kitchen companion for the snacks and sides.

· Ceramic construction
· Easy cleaning
· Air fry, dehydrate, and roast
· Gives juicy roasted vegetables
· Easily fits 2lb French Fries
· Doesn’t make much noise
· Getting used to controls is time-consuming.


When it comes to air fryers, the small is the best for singles or 2-3 individuals. It is easy to use and maintain and can be used for a variety of purposes. Ninja AF101 emerges as a dynamic contender, embodying versatility, efficiency, and lots of cooking exploration.

3. Ninja AF161 Max XL 5.5 Quart Air Fryer

Editor’s Pick
Ninja AF161 Max XL 5.5 Quart Air Fryer

Ninja AF161 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 5.5-quart spacious basket
  • 1750W of high power
  • 7 cooking functions
  • 450F of max temperature
  • Intuitive navigation
Experience endless cooking excellent with the Ninja AF161 Air Fryer, with 7 versatile cooking functions, high-rated power, and a subtle design in plastic, savor crispy delights and gourmet creations like never before!

Ninja AF161 is my other favorite, as it is an upgraded version of Ninja AF101 with a slightly bigger basket and a couple of more cooking functions. Also, compared to the former, it has a plastic construction which is a bit shady but acceptable.

Designed to seamlessly blend in any kitchen, the Ninja fryer functions with its sleek gray exterior and a substantial 5.5-quart capacity. It is small for families but does a great job of preparing portion sizes for couples, individuals, etc.

But we liked the consistent cooking results with 1750 Wattage of power. The rapid air circulation is impressive, resulting in crispy delights with 75% less fat compared to traditional frying methods.

Another impressive feature of the AF161 air fryer is its diverse range of cooking functions. These are included to simplify the cooking process and save time for busy chefs like me. With seven versatile cooking modes, the cooking opportunities are endless.

It features Air fry, air roast, and air broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate. If you could master the air fryer vs. roast settings or try all the others twice, I can confidently say the air fryer brings the symphony of culinary techniques to your fingertips.

Additionally, I absolutely love the built-in reheat function. It means I don’t always have to look through the right temperature range before reheating my tacos in this air fryer.

Speaking of temperature range, I am also impressed by its wide range that goes maximum to 450F with a timer range of 5-60 minutes. Compared to Ninja AF101, you can utilize this mini powerhouse to enjoy precise control over your cooking process.

From quick and fiery air frying to slow dehydration of moist vegetables or meat cuts, this appliance adapts to your culinary needs and becomes your much-needed companion in the kitchen.

And navigating these controls on the digital control panel is a different story. All the settings are mentioned with a small LCD screen that showcases the temperature and timer. Besides, I recommend regular cleaning of the touch screen since it might stop working if the grease or debris attaches to it.

Moreover, the dishwasher-safe components make cleanup a breeze. This cleaning convenience lets you enjoy your creations without the looming dread of a pile of dirty dishes.

However, like other cooking appliances, it is not safe from cons. One noteworthy drawback is its plastic material. While this choice enhances its lightweight and user-friendly design, many users complain about a weird plastic smell issue that can compromise cooking fun. Besides that, it is a great appliance in small kitchens.

· Portable and flexible
· Easy maintenance
· Dishwasher-safe parts
· Precise controls
· Air fry, roast, and bake with one click
· Perfectly dehydrates meat to save time
· Limited color option
· Plastic smell issue
· Concerns for long-term durability


Emerging as a reliable and versatile cooking gadget, Ninja AF161 stands out for its great capabilities and impressive set of features. Designed for small families of two, its precise controls and generous capacity empower cooks to create a wide range of savory dishes.

4. Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone 2-Basket Air Fryer

Dual Basket Pick
Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8-Quart Air Fryer

Ninja DZ201 Staff Pick

Key Features

  • Generous 8-quart capacity
  • Timer upto 12 hours
  • Perfect for larger cooking batches
  • Dual-zone technology with 2 individual baskets
  • Sleek stainless steel body
  • 6 versatile cooking presets
Upgrade your cooking game with the Ninja DZ201 Dual Air Fryer. Unleash culinary creativity with dual-zone technology, precise controls, a spacious 8-quart basket, and different cooking functions. Explore endless cooking opportunities now!

Ninja DZ201, also known as Ninja Foodi 2 baskets, is the most advanced version of the air fryers, with dual-zone technology, featuring 2 individual baskets to prepare different dishes simultaneously.

It works the same as other fryers, circulating hot air around the food and preparing them to perfection. But the only difference is dual baskets with completely separate functionality with no compromise on the results.

Not only that, it stands out with its standard grey exterior, as we have seen of other Ninja models, and robust stainless steel construction. It has an 8-quart basket featuring dual-zone capabilities through two 4-quart individual baskets; this air fryer accommodates larger batches of your favorite dishes.

This 8-quart air fryer is packed with 1690W of power and guarantees efficient cooking with impeccable results. Its 6-in-1 cooking functions support, including air frying, air roasting, air broiling, baking, reheating, and dehydrating, simplify cooking for new chefs, eliminating the need for different kitchen appliances.

Also, to further fine-tune your culinary adventure, this dual air fryer has precise temperature and timer controls that go up to 464F and stretch up to 12 hours. It gives you the freedom to slow cook, experiment, and dehydrate at your own pace.

When it comes to navigation, unlike the Ninja AF161 and AF101, it is quite hard to understand. However, every function is similar to those, except the smart finish and Match Cook button.

These options are the game changer. Powered by Dual-Zone technology, Smart Finish unlocks the ability to cook 2 different dishes in two different ways and finish at the same time. On the other hand, a Match Cook feature applies the same settings on both baskets and prepares a single meal utilizing an 8-quart basket.

Whether you want to cook different meals in one large batch, this fryer has got you with its advanced rapid air circulation technology. The cooking results are excellent, and the technology saves you significant time in the kitchen.

After trying diverse dishes in the air fryer, we must say that this Ninja air fryer knows no bounds, from golden brown grilled chicken to artistically roasted vegetables, delicate dehydrated fruits, to mouthwatering baked muffins.

At last, the cleanup is also easy but can be time-consuming considering its huge size and double baskets. Thankfully, the components are dishwasher-safe, but you have to be very gentle cleaning the air fryer interior and exterior.

The stainless steel coating is sensitive to smudges and fingerprints that can compromise its overall polished appearance.

· Simultaneous cooking with 2 baskets
· Great for gatherings
· Durable material
· Effortless cleanup
· Intuitive controls
· Versatile
· Fingerprints appear on stainless steel
· Noisy operation at times
· The learning curve for newbies


It’s not only a kitchen appliance; it is designed to be a culinary masterpiece waiting to be explored by cooking enthusiasts. With its exceptionally high power, dual-zone cooking technology, and impressive set of features, this air fryer has the power to transform your kitchen life.

5. Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fryer

Large Pick
Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fryer

Ninja DT201 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Stainless steel finish
  • 10 cooking functions for diversity
  • Separate presets for pizza, toast, and bagels
  • Generous 12-pounds size
  • Temperature of up to 400F
  • Seamless navigation on digital panel
Elevate your kitchen with the Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Fryer and see the magic it brings. Experience culinary artistry with versatile cooking options, precise controls, and a sleek finish. Discover the cooking possibilities now!

Another masterpiece that is hard to ignore is Ninja DT201, packed with all the impressive features and functions a home cook and experienced chef would like to see in a cooking gadget.

Like other models of the Ninja, it also boasts a stainless steel finish that makes it an elegant piece of the kitchen. It might have a fair share of issues, like making the fingerprints visible on the gadget, but its ability to withstand the rigors of modern cooking makes it super special.

Also, with an impressive 1800W of power, the air fryer guarantees efficient, consistent cooking and extraordinary results. Offering an attractive range of 10 cooking functions, including air fry, roast, broil, reheat, bake, and dehydrate, this air fryer is designed to cater to everyone’s needs.

The standout function of the DT201 is adjustable temperature, and timer controls with a temperature range of up to 400F. Navigating the culinary powerhouse is exciting with its user-friendly digital touch screen, having labeled buttons to help you fine-tune your creations.

Speaking of the cooking functions earlier, I want to mention its exceptional capabilities and how we took advantage of it. From achieving the crispiest French fries to smartly roasting a succulent chicken, indulging in dehydrated snacks, or toasting your favorite bagels, transform cooking into an art.

Talking about the capacity of the Ninja air fryer, it is no surprise that 12 pounds is ideal for easily preparing family-sized meals. Unlike Ninja SP351, it has the added convenience of separate presets for pizza, bagels, and toast that streamline your cooking process, ensuring perfect results every time.

Lastly, after savoring your gourmet creations, the dishwasher-safe components of the air fryer simplify the post-cooking process, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. However, many customers complain about the challenging cleaning from the inside due to bad coating. Check out how to clean the Ninja air fryer oven for safe protocols.

Also, another potential drawback of the Ninja DT201 air fryer is its noisy operation. It is not much noisy as a vacuum, but if you’re a quiet person, it is a hair dryer noisy, which is sometimes acceptable if you’re getting such amazing cooking results.

· Attractive and space-saving appearance
· Ideal for making large food portions
· Convenient presets for food items
· Reheats chicken without drying it out
· High wattage power
· Dishwasher-safe components
· Intuitive controls
· Noisy operation


In conclusion, the Ninja DT201 Foodi air fryer is more than just a cooking appliance. It is a feeling in the kitchen, a culinary powerhouse that can do the whole cooking for you so you can take a nap in the middle of the day. Its amazing and mouth watering results will wow your tastebuds.

6. Ninja SP351 Foodi Smart 13-in-1 Dual Heat Air Fry Countertop Oven

Best Overall Pick
Ninja SP351 Foodi Smart 13-in-1 Dual Heat Air Fry Countertop Oven

Ninja SP351 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Rapid and efficient cooking with 1800W
  • Extensive cooking functions
  • Temperature range of up to 500F
  • Stylish construction of Stainless steel
  • Roasts, grill, and bake to perfection
Discover the Ninja SP351 Foodi smart air fryer capabilities and take advantage of its rapid air circulation powered by 1800W of power. Its 13 cooking functions, easy usage, and incredible cooking results will make you step into the world of cooking excellence.

We can never talk less about compact air fryers because they’re here to make our lives better and smooth. Busy individuals or couples who are tired of spending on takeaways and want a healthier alternative for everyday snack cravings can take advantage of this space-saving machine.

The Foodi smart air fryer of Ninja easily merges aesthetics and functionality with its sleek silver exterior and robust stainless steel construction. With a commanding power of 1800W, the air fryer makes sure your culinary adventures are never compromised.

We love its space-saving design, which doesn’t take much space on the kitchen countertops and is ideal for use in limited spaces. But let the small size never fool you because it can entertain up to 4 lbs of ingredients, cook 2 lbs of roast, or easily fits up to 6 chicken breast pieces.

We also noticed how fast it is compared to the Ninja AF080, providing 65% faster cooking results compared to an electric oven with 75% less fat compared to the deep frying method.

Also, get ready to be surprised by the 13 cooking functions in a single appliance. From classic air frying to roasting, broiling, reheating, grilling, baking, rehydrating, etc., the all-in-one powerhouse caters to every craving and culinary whim your family has.

Another attractive function of the Ninja air fryer, rivaling the big air fryer brand names like Instant Vortex and Chefman, is the precise temperature and timer controls. The max temperature goes up to 500F, which is surprising because the premium Ninja DZ201 only goes up to 464F.

This way, the air fryer can offer unbiased versatility, whether you’re air frying nuggets or wings or indulging in a slow-cooked roast. It can also become a great help when dehydrating fruit snacks or reheating chicken pieces to rediscover their taste.

All the navigation happens on the intuitive screen that appears on the side, like the microwave. All the controls are labeled to save you time, but it can be hard to manage or understand for newbies.

At last, the reason why I recommend Ninja air fryers to new chefs is the easy cleaning after hectic cooking sessions. But this unit is a bit disappointing in this area. Cleaning the inside is a bit challenging, especially removing the stubborn food residue. It took me a great time to warm the water, make a soap mixture, or clean it manually.

On the brighter side, the trays and other components are easy to clean using the dishwasher, but I recommend doing it manually to get rid of stubborn grease or food particles. It leaves no smell afterward.

· Catering diverse recipes with 13 functions
· Effortless cleanup
· Precise controls
· Space-saver profile
· High wattage
· Rapid and even air circulation
· Excellent cooking results with fast preheating
· Learning curve for newbies
· Noticeable fingerprints on stainless steel


If you want to elevate your cooking game, get the Ninja SP351 Foodi small air fryer designed to cater to couples, individuals, and small families’ cravings. With its remarkable 13-in-1 cooking capabilities, precise controls, and durable construction, this air fryer is an absolutely promising kitchen investment.

7. Ninja FT102CO Foodi 9-in-1 Digital Air Fry Oven

Multifunctional Pick
Ninja FT102CO Foodi 9-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

Ninja FT102CO Air Fry Oven

Key Features

  • Digital air fryer with advanced controls
  • Rapid air circulation technology for even cooking
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Adjustable temperature and timer settings
Enjoy guilt-free cooking with crisp results, versatile functions, and a subtle design that is designed to complement any kitchen. Flavorful cooking possibilities await! Get your hands on the Ninja toaster fryer and see for yourself!

We got to test another 4-pound Ninja digital multifunctional air fryer the same day and couldn’t conceal our excitement. There was nothing much difference in both models, yet they were entirely different in cooking results and some of the noticeable important functions.

Ninja FT102CO and SP351 are almost the same size and are completely similar in appearance. They both are constructed with stainless steel, which is known to be a reliable, efficient, and toxic-free material to cook your meals in.

The SP351 was in silver clear, and it is also giving a beautiful shade of stainless steel, which has its own shine and gives a premium look when sitting on a kitchen countertop. Considering the microwave-style controls at the side, it is super easy to maintain and use.

As we tried it for our breakfast, we can call it an extraordinary toaster. It lives up to our expectations and gives fast and consistent results every time, making us its continuous fan for a lifetime.

The digital control panel has all the functions carefully labeled to simplify the cooking time, especially for newbies. From cooking functions to timer and temperature range, you don’t have to find anything.

Like the French door air fryers make putting and removing the ingredients easy, this air fryer also has a special way from one side to open the door. The light inside makes the monitoring seamless, giving you full control of the dishes you make.

To our surprise, it cooks up to 60% faster than a traditional oven, even leaving behind Philips air fryers, preparing main dishes in less than 20 minutes. The 6-second preheat was also a surprise to us. It feels like air frying, roasting, reheating, and even dehydrating in less time is not a dream anymore.

Moreover, the wide temperature and timer range is impressive, but the lack of food presets makes noise, and customers call it a disappointment. Though it’s versatile and lets you ditch other appliances like a toaster or microwave, the complexity of using it for different dishes remains.

On the brighter side, cleaning the air fryer is hassle-free. The crumb tray or pans are dishwasher-safe, and the interior can shine with a wipe of soapy water.

· Perfect for couples and individuals
· Space-saving with flip design
· Allows you to customize recipes
· Ample capacity than a basket
· Versatile cooking gadget
· Affordable
· A bit of noisy operation
· Stainless steel might show fingerprints


In conclusion, Ninja FT102CO is a carbon copy of the Ninja SP351 Foodi smart air fryer but has 9 cooking functions, a wide temperature range, and impeccable cooking results. Its multifunctionality might have a slight learning curve for those new to advanced kitchen gadgets, but its results will let you crave more.

Best Ninja Air Fryers (2024 Buying Guide)

Ninja, a brand known for innovation and culinary excellence, has proved its name in the industry of kitchen appliances, and their star product, air fryer, is making noise in the market.

Ninja air fryers come with cutting-edge technology to transform and simplify the cooking experience for home cooks and experienced chefs alike. With a focus on precision, elegance, and user-friendly design, Ninja air fryers have taken the cooking world by storm.

If you want to enjoy your chosen fried foods with less fat and more flavor, get yourself a Ninja air fryer. But are you confused about what air fryer you should put your hands on? No worries! We got you!

Here are some common factors to look into when buying a Ninja air fryer. Let’s check it out!

Size and Capacity

The first and foremost factor to consider is basket capacity. Determine your available kitchen space and cooking needs. Decide what portion size you’ll frequently be preparing and what you plan to cook with air fryers.

Thankfully, Ninja offers a range of sizes, from compact 2-quart basket capacity to 12 pounds which are suitable to prepare meals for a family of 4. Never forget to decide where you will be placing the air fryer in your kitchen. Analyze all the related elements and find the best air fryer accordingly.

Control Panel

Avoid the air fryer with a complex navigation system. It is a cooking appliance that should be super easy to operate for everyone. Surprisingly, the Ninja air fryers come with a dialer, button, and touch control panels.

Choose the design that perfectly aligns with your comfort zone and familiarity. It will help you save time and effort while operating the machine.

Materials and Finish

You can find Ninja air fryers in different materials, including plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. Where stainless steel is more robust and gives an elegant touch to the air fryer, plastic is more lightweight.

Stainless steel finishes add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and contribute to durability. Consider the maintenance required to keep the appliance looking its best.

Precise Controls

Look for models with adjustable temperature and timer settings. These features allow you to experiment with a wide range of recipes and achieve precise cooking results.

Thankfully, Ninja air fryer models offer a temperature range of up to 464F to 500F, and the timer of one model goes up to 12 hours.

Presets and Customization

The cooking presets are a life-saver. They eliminate the guesswork while cooking and simplify the whole cooking when making diverse dishes.

Making Ninja air fryer models offer food presets and cooking functions that transform the setting to prepare that specific dish. You only have to select the preset, and boom! No need to involve in complex temperature adjustments and get crisper, better, and soul-soothing results in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Ninja Air Fryer?

Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Fryer is the best among others for its spacious 12 pound capacity, rapid air circulation technology, and 10 cooking functions that simplify the cooking process. It may be a bit noisy during operation, but its impeccable cooking results are worth it.

Are Ninjas the best air fryers?

Among the many top-notch brands, Ninja stands apart for manufacturing exceptional air fryers for everyone. You  can find air fryers with different construction materials, built-in functions, and a range of capacity to cater to different requirements.

Are Ninja air fryers worth the money?

Absolutely! Ninja air fryers are worth every penny for their user-friendly controls, easy cleanup protocols, durable construction, and excellent cooking results.  


We’ve come to the end of our journey through flavor, creativity, and culinary brilliance as we examined the top Ninja air fryers. The seven exceptional models we’ve covered here each provide their own special set of benefits, making them suitable for various consumers.

Ninja has revolutionized how we think about air frying with its cutting-edge designs, high-powered engines, a wide range of cooking modes, and fine-tuned temperature settings.

So, let’s get ready to experience the exciting world of the best Ninja air fryer!

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