Why is My Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? [Fixes]

Air fryers are undoubtedly the most popular kitchen appliances that use cutting-edge technology to offer a healthy way to cook your favorite food.

However, air fryers are not immune to issues like any other electronic device. The most common problem users encounter with innovative air fryers is the touch screen not working.

If you’re also one of them and there is no way to control the gadget manually, don’t worry. This detailed instructions guide will help you figure out the issue and resolve it in no time.

Why is My Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? [Reasons]

Here are the potential reasons that your air fryer stop decides not to work until you resolve the problem:

Why is My Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?

1. Electrical Issues

air fryer power supply board

It’s possible that the touch screen on your air fryer isn’t working because of an electrical problem, such as a broken power source, a loose connection, or a damaged circuit board. The faulty power cable can also be a culprit.

In other words, perhaps some of the components of the air fryer don’t turn on and are not ready to function due to any electrical problem.

2. Dirty Screen

It may be difficult for the air fryer to recognize your touch if the touch screen is filthy or there is debris on the surface. It might interfere with the sensitivity of the touch screen.

The debris can stick to the screen when you take out the food or use the air fryer with dirty hands. The screen is pretty immune and can also catch dirt in the wind, so maintaining the cleanliness in the kitchen around the air fryer is pretty essential.

3. Unresponsive Screen

Air Fryer Unresponsive Screen

The screen may lose some of its sensitivity to touch over time, making it increasingly difficult to engage with. It may occur if the screen has been handled roughly or if it has been used daily for an extended period of time.

4. Extreme Exposure to Moisture

Because exposure to high levels of humidity or water can cause the touch screen to malfunction, it is essential to store your air fryer in a dry location and steer clear of using it in humid or wet conditions.

5. Software Issues

It’s possible that the touch screen on your air fryer won’t work properly because of the software that controls it. Touch displays that do not respond may be the result of errors or hiccups in the system.

6. Damaged Screen

The touch screen can become completely inoperable if it sustains any kind of physical damage, such as cracks or fractures.

Solutions to Fix the Air Fryer Touch Screen Issue

1. Reset your Air Fryer

Sometimes the matter can be fixed by simply restarting the air fryer. After shutting off the power supply, unplugging your air fryer and waiting a few minutes, you should then plug it back in and turn it on.

The screen should start working.

2. Clean the Screen

If the touch screen on your device is dirty, you may clean it by using a gentle damp cloth. Avoid using strong, abrasive chemicals or products since doing so might harm the surface.

3. Use a Stylus or other tool

If the touch screen on your device does not respond to your touches, you can try to interact with the screen using a stylus or another instrument.

This can be helpful in determining if the issue is with the screen itself or with the sensitivity of the touch.

4. Update Software

The issue with the touch screen can be caused by flaws or malfunctions in the software of your air fryer, which can be fixed by updating the software.

You may get instructions on how to keep the software on your air fryer up to date by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

5. Contact the Customer Support

If none of the alternatives presented above can resolve your problem, it may be time to get in touch with the product maker for more assistance.

If the warranty covers the problem, they might be able to provide you with some advice or different repair choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my air fryer screen not working?

There could be many reasons why your air fryer stops working. Some of them are; faulty connections, outdated software, dirty or damaged screen, and extreme moisture stuck on it that makes it unresponsive.

How do air fryer touch screens work?

Your air fryer screen should work if the software is up to date and clean and the connections are secure. If you have difficulty managing the screen, refer to its instructions manual or official website.

Why is my air fryer not lighting up?

There could be several reasons behind the air fryer not lighting up, like the awful power supply, faulty cables, outdated software, etc. Check out our detailed guide to figure out more.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you’re having problems with the touch screen of your air fryer, you should figure out what’s causing the problem before you try to fix it.

Fixing the problem and getting back to preparing your favorite meals should be as easy as following the possible causes listed in this guide and executing the solutions advised.

Always put your safety first while using kitchen equipment, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer.

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