The 9 Best Air Fryers for One Person in 2024 (Tested & Reviewed by Experts)

Imagine a Tempting aroma of perfectly fried, crispy, golden brown French fries blowing through your kitchen without the guilt of traditional deep frying. 

What a sight it could be.

Nevertheless, it could be possible. Yes, if you’re tired of cooking for one or struggling to find the right kitchen companion to satisfy your sudden cravings, look no further!

We have a solution that would be a part of your quick Monday breakfast, Saturday night chicken wings cravings, or everyday fried snacks. A specially designed best Air Fryer for a single person!

With the growing popularity of smart air fryers, it’s no surprise that they’ve become a vital part of kitchens worldwide. But they’re getting bigger, more advanced, and more tech-oriented, and finding the best air fryer for one person in this chaos sounds impossible.

Don’t worry! We have covered you with the top 9 air fryers that should be perfect for one who craves delicious but healthy meals to satisfy their taste buds. Let’s discover one by one and see what’s best for you.

1. Elite Gourmet EAF1121 Compact Air Fryer – Top Pick

Top Pick
Elite Gourmet EAF1121 Compact Air Fryer

Elite Gourmet EAF1121 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 1.1-quart compact capacity
  • Small footprint
  • Rapid air circulation
  • Air fry, bake, grill, roast
  • 95% less oil intake
  • Optimal cooking results
Elite Gourmet EAF1121 air fryer is a classic addition to elevate solo cooking. Its small 1.1-quart capacity and rapid air circulation technology can help you create delicious meals without much effort.

Elevate your solo cooking with the Elite Gourmet EAF1121, designed to tailor the culinary needs of singles or anyone who has just started their air fryer journey. It is a treat to the eyes with a compact design and exceptional functionality.

While boasting a sleek and space-saving profile, its small footprint suggests it won’t take up much counter space and give you enough room to get creative with your culinary imagination.

Also, it has a somewhat decent design in black. Two feet and a dialer at the top or front may not give it a modern look, but it is surely designed to blend with any kitchen décor.

Moving forward to the inside, it comes with a basket of 1.1-quarts capacity, which should be ample space for one person serving. It should hold 0.7lb of food in one go, which is not bad.

Also, with its great versatility, it got you covered with sudden cravings like chicken wings, delighted desserts, onion rings, mini spring rolls, and much more. We tried French fries or grilled some veggies like Broccoli or zucchini, and everything came out perfectly cooked.

Speaking of versatility, the number of cooking functions equipped with the Elite Gourmet sets it apart. Apart from air frying, we could easily bake, grill, or roast in this mini air fryer and discover plenty of new recipes.

We also liked the adjustable temperature control range of 176F to 395oF, which ensures precise heat levels for premium cooking results. We could effortlessly achieve that golden crisp on the outside and tenderness on the inside without wasting time on traditional methods.

The navigation is also a breeze for the Elite air fryer, and so does the cleaning. The removable small basket doesn’t test your patience and saves you time by being dishwasher-safe. Besides, the plastic coating on the outside only requires a damp cloth to shine like a new one.

However, while the compact air fryer serves impressive qualities for singles, it wouldn’t be ideal if you expect guests more often. It prepares food in small quantities, which shouldn’t be enough for more than two people.

Also, many complain about its timer control precision and advise careful attention to prevent overcooking. In this case, we suggest you monitor the food items until it cooks.

· Compact design
· Seamless controls
· 82oC to 204oC temperature
· Dishwasher-safe components
· Easy cleaning
· Timer may not accurate


If you are a single person living on your own, a culinary enthusiast, or an amateur chef, the Elite Gourmet EAF1121 Air Fryer is an excellent choice for enhancing your solo cooking experience.

This air fryer features a sleek design, a variety of culinary functions, and precise temperature control. It may have capacity limitations, but its exceptional performance makes it a market-leading product.

2. Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 2-quart Air Fryer Oven

2 QT Pick
Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 2-Quart Mini Air Fryer Oven

Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Capacity of 2-quarts
  • 4-in-1 cooking functions
  • Makes tender roasts
  • Not much noisy
  • Adjustable temperature controls

We believe small air fryers can make a real difference in the kitchen by providing various cooking options while ensuring convenience, and Instant Pot Vortex is one of them.

Instant Pot has a capacity of 2-quarts which should be great for preparing meals for only one to two servings. It is a trustworthy air fryer designed to elevate the cooking experience, especially when you’re living alone.

For starters, its modern design and subtle appearance managed to catch our attention. It is also space-saving, and the non-stick coating of plastic makes cleaning a breeze, saving hassle for busy individuals.

The control panel is at the top, making navigation easier. Even during cooking, adjusting the temperature or managing the timer was safe and easy.

Additionally, the Instant Pot Air fryer is equipped with advanced technology that effortlessly drives the airflow from the top down to streamline the cooking and ensure every food item receives equal hot air for optimal results.

That’s not it. We are also impressed by the fast preheating time that reduces the cooking time and the wide temperature range of 120 to 400F, allowing us to turn the frozen items into crispy golden brown in no time.

Moreover, the versatility of 4-in-1 cooking options was enough to blow us with its premium functionality. This mini cooking gadget is capable of more than air frying. We tried baking some muffins and grilling some veggies for sides, and they turned out better than traditional cooking.

It also lets you roast and broil with the pre-programmed cooking functions that warn the machine to adjust the hot air intensity and prepare the desired items according to your liking and recipes.

It made us try different recipes with different food items, like seafood, carrots, potatoes, chicken, and much more. With little to no oil, it gave us hope to enjoy grilled, fried, and roasted items in healthier versions.

However, its small capacity may not sound ideal if you’re a frequent cook or expect gatherings more often. We may recommend it to small families, but only if you want to prepare meals in relatively small portions.

Enjoy a premium cooking experience with the Instant Pot Vortex featuring a 2-quart capacity and advanced air circulation technology. It opens the world of culinary possibilities with 4-in-1 cooking functions and an adjustable temperature range. Discover it now!

· Space-saving design
· Touch programs
· Versatile gadget
· Perfectly reheats leftovers
· Dishwasher-safe components
· Powered 1300W heating elements
· Limited functions
· Only for 2-4 servings


Even with its limited capacity, it makes you crave more delicious meals as it never lets any piece be undercooked if you follow the cooking protocol. It is more versatile and known for its efficiency and high speed.

3. Dash DCAF250GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Compact Air Fryer

Staff Pick
Dash DCAF250GBAQ02 Aircrisp Pro Compact Air Fryer

Dash Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer

Key Features

  • AirCrisp technology
  • 2.6-quart basket
  • Cooks half dozen wings
  • Even air circulation around food
  • Analog controls
  • Auto shut-off function
Dash AirCrisp is an efficient choice if you want a compact or user-friendly air fryer for your home. It is not only a perfect gift for individuals living alone, but its exceptional performance, well-cooked food results, and portable size makes it a perfect kitchen companion. Get yours now!

What if I give you a task to satisfy your tastebuds?

You only have to put the food items in a basket, adjust the temperature and time, and insert the basket back into the machine. You’ll get your food items perfectly cooked (as you like) at the desired time.

It is possible with the modern innovation of the cooking gadget, air fryer, and Dash AirCrisp makes it more interesting by giving it a cool touch with its technology, user-friendly design, and tremendous built-in qualities.

Dash DCAF250GBAQ02 is another smart cooking gadget designed for small families or single people living their best time but craving tasty fried meals more than usual. This compact air fryer is not only easy to use, but maintaining it is not stressful either.

Unlike Instant Pot and Elite Gourmet, it features a vibrant design that adds a pop of color to the kitchen. Also, it is lightweight, and the subtle construction makes it handy enough to move and store when not in use.

Precisely, the basket has a 2.6-quart capacity which makes food for approximately 3-4 people or small portions of food for small families. It wasn’t disappointing when we air-fried French fries, chicken wings, and mini spring rolls in it.

Another highlighting quality we appreciate is adjustable temperature controls, ranging from 170F to 400F. It definitely helps in achieving optimal cooking results, especially with meats.

Easy-to-set temperatures with the dialers let you decide if you want gentle heat for delicate items or higher temperatures for a crispy finish. It also streamlines the cooking process with fast preheating and quick finishing.

Speaking of air, Dash utilizes a high-end AirCrisp technology that circulates the hot air around or over the food item, ensuring evenly cooking. This technology reduces oil consumption by  75%, resulting in guilt-free healthy meals.

However, even though it has many outstanding capabilities to please singles with their sudden cravings, its limitation to cook meals in a limited quantity may not sound appealing to everyone.

If you happen to have guests or are not in the mood to cook, you may prepare food in small portions or opt for takeaway from your favorite restaurants. So, keep in mind your cooking or eating habits when getting this mini cooking machine.

· Super versatile
· Easy to use
· Great for gift
· Produce healthy food
· 75% less fat consumption
· Adjustable temperature
· Cost-effective
· Prepares food in limited quantity
· Limited warranty


Take your solo cooking to the next level with this amazing air fryer designed for 1 person. It features a 2-quart capacity and multiple cooking functions, never limiting your culinary curiosities.

4. EIGHTLAUREL 1.64 Quart Mini Air Fryer

Mini Pick
EIGHTLAUREL 1.64 Quart Mini Air Fryer

EIGHTLAUREL 1.64 Quart Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Easier and healthier cooking
  • One-touch digital controls
  • Tender and crispy with little to no oil
  • Precise temperature controls
  • Reduces oil consumption by 85%
  • Dishwasher safe components
Introducing this mini air fryer, a perfect cooking solution for individuals or small households. This air fryer fits perfectly into any kitchen with its sleek and space-saving design. Also, the precise temperature controls and ability to give healthy results make it stand out among the crowd.

Next, we have the not-so-famous and entry-level air fryer designed for singles, students, or busy individuals who can’t make enough time to cook food for themselves.

It is relatively portable and easy to use, eliminates traditional cooking protocols, and contributes to a healthy eating style.

With only a 1.64-quart capacity basket, it has little space to prepare main dishes. Rather, it is more likely to be used for preparing food for a single serving and making the cooking automated to save time.

Speaking of which, it has a relatively traditional design that may not complement any kitchen décor, but the non-stick pan and detachable basket help with quick and seamless cleaning after cooking your favorite meals.

Also, we were quite impressed by its versatility and built-in technology. The innovative rapid air system circulates the air around the food evenly and ensures you achieve consistent and optimal results every time you cook.

Additionally, the cooking functions with dedicated pre-sets for air frying, baking, grilling, and roasting make it an appealing choice, making it a compact multifunctional cooking gadget for personal use.

When testing its capabilities, we prepared sausages and baked cupcakes even in a tiny basket. The adjustable temperature and timer controls were helpful, and the built-in programs made it easy to adjust the air intensity without complex navigation.

Thanks to the LCD control panel, we had a smooth experience using this mini air fryer. We could easily keep track of the running or adjusted temperature and timers, and selecting the cooking function wasn’t a hassle with the screen.

When it comes to the temperature and timer controls, the mini air fryer may not be generous with the capacity, but its timer and temperature range says otherwise.

It provides adjustable temperature settings with a range of 90oF to 390oF, opening doors for numerous culinary creations, and the timer range of 0-60 minutes with the auto shut-off function is a big help for people like me.

Hence, overall, we had a pleasing experience using this compact air fryer, and it excels in almost every important quality one would need to enjoy eating at home.

We can safely say that this air fryer, unlike Instant Pot, may not have a big basket to hold food items in quantity; it can still prepare better and healthier than it. However, regarding cooking times, Instant Pot is faster with 1300W than this mini with 700W only.

· 4 cooking options
· Capacitive touch control
· Stainless steel finish
· Efficient settings
· Can reheat the leftovers
· Fast cooking times
· 0-60 minutes timer
· 700W heating elements
· Setting temperature is tricky


Experience the future of solo cooking with the incredible air fryer designed for individuals who live alone and want to experience healthier cooking options. Unlike traditional methods, it helps you discover many recipes and prepares meals in minutes.

It is a great investment and would be an amazing gift for cooking enthusiasts who are just getting started with modern cooking.

5. Philips 3 Quart Premium Digital Air Fryer

Philips 3 QT Digital Air Fryer

Philips Digital Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Makes perfect churros
  • 3-Quart basket
  • 1425W powered heating
  • Fat removal technology
  • Rapid air circulation
  • 4 Presets
Try this versatile digital air fryer and enjoy an exclusive cooking experience utilizing its smart technologies, features, and hot air circulation system that requires no oil to roast, fry, or grill. It is perfect for foodie individuals or roommates trying their luck with cooking.

Let’s move ahead and discover other extraordinary air fryer models sitting under an edge with smart capabilities and spacious interiors. Philips digital air fryer is one of them that perfectly balances the convenience and versatility in one gadget.

Philips is a huge name and a pioneer of air fryers, taking cooking to new heights with integrated high-end technology and elegant exteriors to add a touch of modernism in kitchens.

This model is no exception, with a 3-quart basket capacity that should be enough to prepare meals for almost 4 servings. It is a cooking gadget that is always ready to prepare a variety of meals in no time while reducing your oil intake. 

Individuals and small families would highly prefer this air fryer for several reasons. One of them is a sophisticated design with a digital panel at the front. It makes the navigation breeze, but you may need some time to get used to fine-tuning.

The next thing we appreciate is its versatility providing multiple cooking functions designed to adjust the heat intensity to make things easier for the novice or amateur chefs.

The air fryer features a roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate function along with an air fryer. According to your recipe and food items, you only have to put the food items into the basket, set the temperature, and select the correct cooking function. Your food will be cooked to perfection.

Though such functions are almost available in every other air fryer, the fat removal technology sets it apart from them. When the food is being cooked inside the fryer, it captures the excess fat or moisture and makes the finished item healthier.

We also liked the keep warm function in the fryer. After grilling some veggies or reheating the leftover pizzas, we used that function that surprised us by keeping everything warm and flavor like freshly made.

Moreover, the 1425W indicates the heating elements are highly powerful. Therefore, it doesn’t require any preheating time and gets instantly ready to turn the frozen items into golden crispy within minutes.

Not to mention the adjustable temperature and timer controls, with a max of 350F, giving you a free hand to explore numerous recipes and entertain your taste buds with something mouthwatering and juicy, even when you don’t have company.

However, the lack of grill and baking pans made us a little off-guard when we were unboxing. Other than that, it is the air fryer for your appetizers, main dishes, snacks, or even desserts. Definitely go for it!

· No preheating required
· Keep warm function
· Detachable basket
· Requires little to no oil
· Seamless cleaning
· Time-saver cooking machine
· No accessories included


Even though it doesn’t come with any included recipes, it still stands at the top for its terrific cooking results and spacious interior to cater to more than one person serving.

Philips digital air fryer has an eye-catching profile, innovative functionality, and time-saving controls. From French fries to zucchini or chicken wings, it got you covered! 

6. Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Ninja Pick
Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Wide temperature range
  • Rapid air circulation system
  • Gloss finish for modern look
  • Dehydrate snacks or veggies
  • 4-quarts basket capacity
Enjoy guilt-free fried food with the Ninja AF101, featuring rapid air circulation technology that ensures 75% less fat with no oil intake. Its 4-quart capacity and digital controls make cooking seamless and time-saving.

Our excitement level is always at its peak whenever we try Ninja products, and the Ninja AF101 air fryer is a compact, versatile kitchen appliance that makes a cooking adventure for cuisine enthusiasts.

You can count on the Ninja AF101 for delicious, tender, juicy steaks, perfectly made sausages, veggies for sides without seasoning, and yummy mini cupcakes. It has been a go-to gadget for our suppers every day!

Talking about the capacity, Ninja has been generous in giving our 4-quart capacity basket even at the most reasonable price. But Cosori has offered 5-quart with a great discount at the price.

Nevertheless, it is spacious for individuals as it lets you prepare plenty of food in one batch. Besides that, its modern and subtle appearance enhances the kitchen, and the aroma it produces while cooking attracts everyone to it.

Another thing that caught our attention is its user-friendly profile. It doesn’t require special skills to operate, and the easy temperature and timer controls contribute to quick and efficient cooking.

It features a wide temperature range of 105 to 400F, ensuring crispy, well-cooked meals. It also opens doors to preparing a variety of meals, whether you roast chicken pieces, grill or roast veggies, bake muffins, etc.

Yes, apart from air frying, the Ninja comes with multiple other cooking functions to expand its usage. It lets you roast, grill, reheat, or dehydrate the vegetables or snacks while reducing oil consumption big time.

Not only is the cooking breeze with Ninja air fryer, but post-cooking cleaning doesn’t take much time either. The ceramic construction and dishwasher-safe basket suggest quick and efficient cooking, letting you focus on enjoying the meals.

However, many people find it bulky to place on kitchen countertops, especially when the interior has limited capacity. Other than that, it promotes healthy cooking with technology and eliminates the need for frequent orders or takeaways. It can also make a great gift for singles or passionate chefs.

· Little to no oil required
· Dishwasher-safe basket
· Makes crispy food
· User-friendly controls
· Cost-effective
· Versatile functions
· Bulky appearance
· Makes noise during operation


Overall, the Ninja AF101 air fryer is a high-quality kitchen appliance that allows you to experience fried cuisine without excessive oil consumption. With a wide temperature and a variety of culinary functions, this is the finest value for your kitchen.

7. Okaysou 4.3 QT 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryer

Best Overall Pick
Okaysou 4.3 QT 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryer

Okaysou Air Frye

Key Features

  • Compact air fryer
  • 4.3-quarts basket
  • LCD touch controls
  • Visually appealing design
  • 9-in-1 cooking functions
  • 1500W rapid air circulation
The Okaysou 4.3 QT Air Fryer is a great option for one person. It is both small and powerful to use for a variety of food items. Its cutting-edge technology, spacious interior, several cooking options, and large capacity set it apart from the competition.

Whether looking for an air fryer to reduce dine-outs or to add life to your culinary imagination, we found this one-of-a-kind air fryer that delivers exceptional results without hassle.

Look no further than the Okaysour multifunctional compact air fryer if you want to get rid of multiple appliances in the kitchen and invest in a tool that can do more than air frying.

Okaysou is a perfect example of subtle aesthetics and practical functionality with its compact size and stainless steel coating. It is designed to fit small kitchens as it doesn’t take much of countertops and is also quite easy to store when not in use.

But why would you store it when it can indulge your taste buds with your favorite dishes while adding a touch of taste, flavor, quality, and class? Its generous capacity of 4.3 quarts provides ample room for preparing single servings or food in small batches. 

From crispy fries to mouthwatering chicken wings, perfectly roasted potatoes to tender fish filets, this air fryer has got you covered with a wide variety of dishes, whether you like to have main or sides.

As mentioned, it is absolutely smooth to manage with these intuitive controls. It also features a range of cooking options to suit your preferences.

Whether you want to grill, bake, roast, or air fryer, this mini air fryer wouldn’t restrict you with its versatile profile. Utilizing the cooking functions, we felt that bringing creative recipes to life with ease was no longer a dream.

It’s not only that, but the adjustable temperature range allows you to adjust the heat according to your cooking style, eating, and recipe. It has a range of 180F to 400F for precision temperature adjustment, allowing you to make great quality tender lambs, chicken, or meats.

Additionally, Okaysou Air Fryer uses rapid air circulation technology to evenly and efficiently cook your food. The rapid circulation of hot air produces crisp exteriors and damp interiors.

Enjoy the texture and flavor of your favorite fried dishes without feeling guilty about the excessive oil intake. With this cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy delectable foods while maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

While the Air Fryer offers several remarkable features, it is important to note that some users have reported that the air fryer’s exterior becomes heated during operation. Handling the appliance with caution and oven covers or potholders is essential. 

A few customers have also mentioned that the presets may require some trial and error to achieve the desired results. Still, once you discover your preferred settings, you’ll be good to go with your culinary adventures.

· Better than traditional deep frying
· Customizable temperature
· BPA-free material
· Dishwasher-safe tools
· Chicken cutlets in 20 minutes
· Reheat leftovers
· Exterior gets hot
· Settings take some trials


The Okaysou 4.3 QT Air Fryer is an excellent option for individuals who desire a compact yet potent air fryer. It is a market-leading product because of its sophisticated design, large capacity, versatile culinary functions, and cutting-edge technology.

8. GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer

GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer

GoWISE Mini Air Fryer

Key Features

  • Modern and compact
  • Rapid air circulation
  • Makes serving for 1 or 2
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • 180F to 400F temperature
  • Leaves no grease on food
Upgrade your cooking experience with the GoWise air fryer featuring a 2-QT basket and 5 different cooking functions. It lets you prepare healthy meals with less oil, and easy cleanup contributes to seamless cooking.

The hunt of finding a multifunctional small air fryer for one should end here with this one-of-a-kind air fryer featuring all the qualities one would need to satisfy sudden cravings while minimizing the expense of dine-outs.

These affordable air fryers also make a thoughtful gift for couples or individuals as it caters to a wide variety of food items, making the whole cooking process seamless.

GoWise has a 2-quart basket capacity and a modern look with black color and a digital control panel upfront. The capacity is spacious enough to prepare meals for one to two servings, saving you time and oil expenses.

We find endless cooking possibilities with the GoWise air fryer, thanks to adding the 5 built-in cooking pre-sets. From turning frozen food items to a crispy brown and achieving perfectly grilled chicken pieces, it does everything for you.

We also tried something for the sides and breakfast. The sausages came out great, but roasting the veggies was our best idea. We also tried reheating the leftovers and air frying the chicken wings, and it was smooth, except you’ve enough knowledge about temperature settings.

Additionally, the control panel is absolutely easy to use, with touch-sensitive buttons for cooking functions and up/down for the temperature. It clearly shows the adjusted timer, so you can keep monitoring if required.

GoWise is also generous to offer extended cooking times of up to 60 minutes with a wide temperature range of 180F to 400F, giving you more control of your culinary creations.

But the easy cooking followed by quick cleaning is what sets it apart. The compact size wouldn’t give anyone a hard time in cleanup, and the removable dishwasher-safe basket will clean itself with or without you.

While it is an ideal cooking gadget, many people showed concerns about the unresponsive control buttons that require effort to put in the command. Also, the lack of a Stop button could be a problem if you want to prevent overcooking.

Overall, GoWise makes a super versatile air fryer that can do more than just fry French fries or chicken wings. From grilling one pound of chicken to roasting the veggies, you can enjoy various mouthwatering dishes with adjustable temperatures.

· Multifunctional
· 5 cooking options
· Reheat leftovers perfectly
· No oil burn risks
· Touch controls
· 60-minutes timer
· Non-stick basket
· No stop button


Elevate your cooking with the GoWise air fryer. It is a multifunctional cooking machine that uses convection technology and instantly transforms your cooking capabilities.

However, it may require some time to get used to the functions, but it will be worth it when you get to experiment with the exciting air-fried or roast recipes.

9. Cosori Small Air Fryer Oven

COSORI 2.1 Qt Small Air Fryer Oven

Cosori Small Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 2.1-QT basket
  • 4 cooking functions
  • Responsive control panel
  • Temperatures goes up to 400F
  • Makes no Noise
  • Prepares food with no oil
The Cosori Air Fryer is a sleek and portable kitchen appliance. You can swiftly and guilt-free enjoy tasty, healthy meals because of the fast air circulation, simple settings, and easy cleaning.

Lastly, we have another market-leader product that has taken the culinary industry by storm with its appealing design, intuitive controls, and advanced technology.

Its small footprint is not the only reason we fell in love with it, but the crispy textured foods from the outside and well-cooked inside with no oil make us its bigger fan.

Despite its small size, its 2.1-quart capacity seems spacious, especially for preparing main dishes for single people. Compared to deep fryers, it is a healthier alternative and prepares enough to cater to sudden fast food cravings.

Cosori’s small air fryer also has a user-friendly panel with a screen showing the running temperature and labeled buttons for easy navigation. There are cooking functions precisely organized that contribute to efficient cooking at home.

Its functionality remains upfront with 1300W heating elements that send rapid air around or over the food to ensure that the interior is thoroughly cooked and the exterior is golden brown.

Cosori’s versatility and temperature range are also notable features. It is adjustable from 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to experiment with meals, munchies, and more.

Also, a professional chef is not required to operate this machine. The automatic shut-off prevents food from ever being overcooked and relieves you of the tension of constantly monitoring the food’s cooking status.

In addition, we were astounded by how quietly this air fryer operated. The Cosori mini air fryer is a safe and effective alternative to conventional frying methods that are noisy and hazardous.

Moreover, due to cutting-edge fast-air-circulation technology, this remarkable little air fryer produces excellent results. It evenly distributes heat, enabling crispier, golden exteriors with 90% less oil.

Despite the fact that it may take longer to prepare meals and have fewer culinary options than modern models, it is still a worthwhile investment due to the appliance’s high efficacy and efficiency.

· Rapid air circulation
· Make crispy wings
· Fast preheating
· Auto shut-off function
· Adjustable temperature
· Longer cooking times
· Prepares food in small batch


In terms of build class, features, and overall performance, the Cosori Small Air Fryer is far ahead of the competition. This air fryer is a great investment if you want a reliable, space-saving addition to your kitchen.

Best Air Fryer for One Person Buying Guide 2024

Do you want to change how you cook yet eat well? Don’t bother going anywhere else; air fryers are just miraculous.

We have you covered if you are a lone wolf in search of the finest air fryer for one. In this detailed buying guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to select the best air fryer for your requirements.

Let’s dig in and learn everything there is to know about air frying, for one!

Compact Size

The size of an air fryer for a single person is an important consideration. Use a small, space-efficient model if you don’t want your kitchen countertop cluttered.

Think about how big the fryer is and whether or not it will be suitable for your kitchen. You need an air fryer that does its job well without taking up too much counter space.


Even though you’re cooking for one serving, it is important to consider the basket capacity. And it should depend on your cooking style, requirements, and how often you’re planning to cook in the machine.

Typically, a 2-3-quart capacity sounds ideal for individuals, and it should be enough to prepare to serve for one, whether you’re preparing main dishes or want to satisfy sudden cravings.

Many individuals often prefer a capacity of 1.1 or 1.64, typically less than 2 quarts, only for snacks.

This measurement guarantees that enough food can be prepared for a satisfying meal without wasting any ingredients. Remember that it’s all about efficiency and comfort!

User-friendly Interface

You want a simple air fryer to operate and comprehend as a beginner. Consider models with an intuitive control panel, plainly labeled buttons, and a digital display that is simple to read.

Simplify your culinary process so you can devote more time to savoring the delicious meals you prepare!

Safety Features

Safety should always come first whether you’re cooking meals in a traditional or convection way.

Choose an air fryer with additional safety features, like automatic shut-off, cool touch handles, and locking systems.

All these features guarantee peace of mind in the kitchen or away. It ensures you don’t overcook the food and can easily focus on preparing culinary creations rather than worrying about the food cooking.

Easy Cleaning

Who likes tedious cleaning, especially when you’re done cooking for yourself or guests?

Always opt for an air fryer with easy-to-remove baskets, and only that is dishwasher safe. It will save you the hassle of scrubbing the components.

Also, an air fryer with a ceramic or stainless steel non-stick coating is far easier to clean and maintain. They also handle high temperatures of air fryers and wouldn’t peel after a certain time.

Temperature Controls

Air frying relies heavily on versatility.

Seek out an air fryer with a wide temperature range, typically between 180°F and 400°F (82°C and 204°C), so that you can experiment with a variety of recipes and obtain ideal results every time.

A built-in timer control with an automatic shut-off function ensures that your food is cooked to precision without the need for guesswork.

Cooking Functions

So what if you’re a solo cooker in a home, you have eating preferences, right?

Why not plan a baking weekend if you’re tired of fried food items? How about making some cupcakes or muffins? You can also divert your taste buds to grilled sandwiches.

Yes, it is possible to opt for a versatile air fryer.

Many entry-level air fryers have built-in cooking functions that regulate air circulation according to the food item, recipe, and preferences. So, choose the one that serves multiple functions and enjoy healthy, crispy, and tender meals daily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best air fryer for one person?

Philips Digital air fryer is the best and worth considering for its spacious capacity of 3-QT and 1425W powered heating elements, making the cooking super fast and delivering crispy and tender results. Four cooking functions and fat removal technology also make it stand out.

What size air fryer is best for 1 person?

When getting an air fryer for one person, a capacity of 1 to 2 quarts should be enough to prepare to serve one. But it is also essential to consider the cooking needs and preferences while choosing the ideal size.

Is an air fryer any good for one person?

Yes, an air fryer can be a terrific cooking companion for individuals living alone. There are several reasons why one should prefer cooking in an air fryer. Some of them are; having portion control, convenience, healthy options, and versatility.

What is the best air fryer for one person in a household?

GoWise is a compact yet multifunctional air fryer that is best for a one-person household. Its small capacity basket, 5 cooking options, and smart controls make it a reliable choice for a variety of food items.

Are air fryers worth it for one person?

Air fryers are indeed worth it for one person, depending on their cooking preferences and needs. It doesn’t have oil splatters or burn risk and is more efficient than traditional cooking methods. It also gives you more control over your recipes and how you want your meals to turn out.


There you have it, solo chefs!

No worries if you’re not good at remembering complex recipes or traditionally making delicious meals. Our Kitchens are not left behind when it comes to innovation and have introduced convection technology that prepares mouthwatering meals in a blink of an eye.

 Discover the best air fryer for one person in our comprehensive guide, where we have tested and reviewed top-notch products designed to make cooking easy and your taste buds dance.

Happy cooking!

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