How to Turn Off Beeping on Air Fryer? [Detailed-Guide]

Because they can fry food with very little oil or even none at all, air fryers have rapidly become one of the most preferred and common types of kitchen appliances.

However, one issue that many people who own air fryers have to deal with is the irritating beeping sound of the appliance.

The beeping sound can be an annoyance for various reasons, including the fact that it might wake a baby who is sleeping and because it is just too loud for homes.

In this piece, we will walk you through the process of turning off the beeping sound from your air fryer by providing step-by-step instructions.

Let’s get started!

Reasons for Turning Off Beeping on Air Fryer

There are a few scenarios in which an individual can find the beeping sound on their air fryer annoying:

Air Fryer Beeping
  1. To begin with, the beeping sound might be rather irritating for some individuals, particularly when such individuals are attempting to concentrate in kitchen tasks or rest.
  2. The second source of annoyance is that the beeping sound can potentially rouse sleeping members of the household or even the family pet.
  3. Last but not least, the beeping sound may not be required for some cooking modes or recipes, making it an unneeded distraction.

Steps to Turn Off Beeping on Air Fryer

Turning Off Beeping on Air Fryer

1. Check the User Manual

Checking the user handbook is the first thing you should do if you want to switch off the beeping sound on your air fryer.

It is necessary to follow the included directions carefully in order to prevent harming your appliance.

Certain kinds of air fryers have a special technique to switch off the beep, and it is important to follow them to avoid any inconvenience.

2. Utilize Mute Button

There is often a “Mute” button on air fryers that may be used to turn off the sound. The button is usually available at the control panel or the rear side of the air fryer.

You may put the sound on hold or completely turn it off by depressing and maintaining pressure on the “Mute” button for a few seconds.

If unsure which button corresponds to the “Mute” function, check the user manual.

3. Unplug the Air Fryer

Unplug the Air Fryer

If none of the above troubleshooting stages works for you, you might try disconnecting the air fryer if you can’t stand the annoying noise of the air fryer.

Unplugging the device while it is being used poses a risk; thus, this strategy should be used only as a last resort if all other options have been tried.

Some Additional Tips to Deal with the Air Fryer Beeping

Always Check the Warranty First

If you’re not an expert and unsure what to do with the air fryer beeping sound, don’t try to deal with it alone.

We recommend checking the warranty before doing anything with the air fryer to avoid any inconvenience.

Also, remember some manufacturers void the warranty if you try to modify the appliances according to your preferences. So, be careful with that.

Use the Air Plugs

Even though the beeping sound can be annoying, it is still a useful function that keeps you alert about your cooking temperatures or timers. Turning it off may give you peace of mind with the annoying noise, but it can turn your cooking habits into a disaster if you’re not a cooking expert.

So, try using an air plug or moving the air fryer to a different location to reduce the noise level.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Air Fryer Beeping

Why is My Air Fryer Beeping While Cooking?

If your air fryer keeps beeping while you cook, it could be due to many different reasons.

Some possible cause behind this is a malfunctioning timer, a faulty heating element, or overheating.

If you can’t determine the exact problem, call customer support or refer to the instructional manual to figure out.

Air Fryer Keeps Beeping and Flashing

It could be a red flag if you’re experiencing the air fryer flashing or beeping continuously. The potential causes behind this issue could be a malfunctioning control pane, a damaged heating element, or a broken power cable.

We recommend contacting the manufacturer via customer support or taking your appliance for professional repair.

How to Turn Off Beep on Specific Air Fryer Models?

Different air fryers have different functionalities for managing it, and turning off the beeping sound can vary with brands and models. Here are some common ways to turn off the beeping sound on some famous air fryers.

How to Turn Off Beep on Cosori Air Fryer?

Your Cosori air fryer should have a “Mute” button on its control panel. It is designed to manage the beep sound that the timer makes when the cooking time is up.

You should press and hold the button for a few seconds, and it should turn the beep sound off.

How to Turn Off Beep on Power XL Air Fryer?

Like the Cossori, we believe the Power XL air fryers also come with a respective “Mute” button. You can press and hold the button until the Beep stops.

How to Turn Off Beep on Gourmia Air Fryer?

There is no dedicated button to turn on or off the Beep sound on Gourmia air fryers, and each model has a different way of dealing with it. You may have to consult the user manual for specific instructions according to your model.

Bottom Line

All in all, the beeping sound can be really annoying when it won’t shut up even after giving us the message. But you can get rid of the beeping sound and make the cooking experience more enjoyable.

This detailed guide should give you enough idea about how to turn off the air fryer beeping and what to consider before attempting to do that. Always check for the air fryer warranty before stepping into this matter.

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